The Roots of Problems in Life

My old mentor said, there are only two things to be consider enough in our life.

First, missed — communication.

‘’Since, thinking is hard for people, assuming with self-prejudice are our first response.”

We do realized, consciously. Lazy to questioning, in order to make sure-well confirmation than self-explanation with ‘’I thought” words.

Why do we expect more (in the end)

Just because we ‘thought’, doesn’t mean we are closely enough as they expected. Our mind is our master, either oftenly over sensitive or let-it-be typical person.

Second, over expectation.

The truth is: the more you give the more you hope right.

See your mom, learn on how that part. Like she gave to us, taking care without never expect something in forward. Besides, sense of attention to her.

That’s it, simple.

Just only two things, followed with two hardest efforts in our life.

Good luck!