Today, Saturday Night

I just only have one small gadget on my hand. Which accompany almost a half-life of the journey. Medium, Quora and Feedly are the best all i have.

When some friends asking me: “Come on, go get life..”, i just laughed at them. Because they don’t easily understand, what’s going on and will be happen in our each life.

They assume.

Because they thought, i’m not going to be okay if i just stare at monitor and keep typing, reading for what’s going around today throughout my desk.

I ever have life, i ever feel like a human. Somehow, when i realized, the world is no longer making me comfort at. Many people are looking ‘different’, they just following what the rules of general has been listed.

Despite, i am vulnerable enough. To get over and it’s ok sometimes cry. I’m a human.

“Is it the normal one?, is it the correct one, on how do we living?, why people become so individualistic. They busy just because of they got syndrome of ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ from their own world through smartphone.

For me, yes i don’t have much time to socialize. It’s a choice. Besides i’m trying to distract my own perception, to get out from my psychological problems of past trauma.

Many dissapointment. I was hardly to examined: how could i get much better on my personal’s life perception.

Instead, i’m trying to distinguish for what’s going around: let me do my own version, even though i will be alone by walking pass many memories and struggle, without mind other business.

I just need an even break.

It’s ok the one who left me,it’s kind a hard. Totally destructed :(

Especially when i’m ongoing to reach for what we’re going to do. Materialistis has value, and the culture back stabbed at my back, the religion has beeen defeated.

So, let me be alone. Keep reading, writing and think much more: “Am i looks like a real human?”.


Satyameva Jayate. Hold on great things take time.

// egoegi.

Digital explorist believes in content; creationist. Just wrote what i found.
The gatekeeper of Indonesian Flat-Earth Society. #AntiDoxa.
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