What I’ve Learned from The Maestro of Psychology in Football, Pep Guardiola.

Work just not for survive, we need to fulfill our ‘passion’ at huge curiosity.

He didn’t care although he started at lowest point at that time. Time will change.

Life is just about how to ‘choose’ and prepare for the worst! no matter what will be!.

When he decided to took away the Brazilian superstar; Dinho and Portuguesse, Deco. Aimed to the incubation of Lionel Messi, to separated him from bad influence.

So, what’s the result? as you may see now :)

How to learn focus without thinking outside your life goals?

Try the “Hinton Lilac Chaser” optical ilusion below.

There are many purple — pink dots outside around the centre point right? when you see details, focus on centre point at least in 10 seconds, something bizarre will be happen!

Suddenly, they vanish.

All you need is just try to focus at centre point! the plus.


Image via gundemiyorumla