Official Published, The Positivity of What I’ve Learned: iJod.

The premier released of #WhatIveLearned from the lessons of personas around my journey.

The first question should be asked: “Why supposed to be him as my first official published on #WhatIveLearned series?”.

Since i told you, the series will be taken from my authentic experience along my professionals journey. Then i have 3 arguably reasons why should be Ijod as the premier opening!

This fuckin guy actually who helped me at ‘uncertain situation’ on ‘transferred season’ among internal teams on our grup. I don’t know with his unconvinced face and looks, he’s one of our staff within company! at firsg glimpse, i thought he was janitor guy. lol

The most longest work — duo partnership with excellent stories and adventures!

First place that made me accelerated at higher level during the most suitable atmospehere surrounded by excellent people and mentorship on digital business!.

#WhatIveLearned So Far From His Persona?

#1. — Social Smile.

This fuckin guy is the Jedi of most adaptable human being by developing regular habit by doing the social smile and everything is ok fallacy.

No matter what for the situation! at first he must take it easy and randomly appeared many laughs behind at conversation.

Since he’s older, he tend to less temper than me during our journey at that time.

#2. — God’s Son.

At certain time i was questioned the existence and scientific proofs of God, which never resulted satisfaction answers enough in humanity, he’s the one who remains believe in existence of God and weekly church loyalist.

Ijod tidak lagi menjadi domba yang tersesat.

Of course i knew, how much his sins have been accumulated, produced! it must be overloaded and need more three times salvation later in hell (or heaven, if he’s luck).

#3. — Mr. Delegation.

He’s one master of delegation, at first i may thought lil bit tricky; while i was taking huge advantages by improving at certain areas since i finished up the task had been delegated right?

In the end, we just like a pedal versus brake. Whenever we tried to on high — speed destroy the barriers towards.

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