5 Million EGT Giveaway!

Airdrop Operation

The top 500 EGT Traders ( EGT/BTC, EGT/ETH, EGT/USDT, EGT/OKB) in OKEx will be rewarded with combined 5million EGT in proportion to their net buying volume (net buying volume=total buying volume– selling volume).


1.Promotional period: 11:00 am June 11th — 11:00 am June 18th

2.The rewards will be credited by OKEx after the promotion ends.

3.Sub accounts are not eligible to the promotion.

4.OKEx reserves every right to disqualify accounts with malicious trading and replicated accounts,and confiscate the rewards

5.OKEx reserves the rights of final decisions.

EGT Introduction
EGT(Egretia)is the most foundational and essential access to Egretia, the world’s leading blockchain game ecosystem. Egretia has launched the world’s first blockchain game development workflow. Egretia ecosystem also involves Game Distribution Platform, Virtual Assets Trading Platform, Advertising Platform and Developer Supporting Program. EGT, as a property proof, circulates amongst Egretia blockchain game ecosystem.