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Mar 4 · 3 min read

Egretia founder Peter was invited to an exclusive interview in, known as one of the influential video company in the blockchain platform. Let’s share his story with you guys!

Blockchain game has a long way to go as for the traditional gamers and developers. However, the connection between blockchain and gaming are impeccable, potential and even beyond the traditional gaming industry for the people who believed or fell in love with the blockchain.


Peter Huang — Peter is an avid entrepreneur and a seasoned veteran in the gaming industry. He was a platform technology manager at Adobe and responsible for Flash technology promotion and monetization over online traffic. Thus, he has the rich internet experience in project management and game development management for more than 18 years.

Blockchain Industrial Experience

Since CryptoKitties became a hit in the world, more and more game developers spring up. As Peter said, the blockchain is brand new and blockchain game projects started from scratch. Based on the previous technology support, Egretia also took part in the H5 blockchain game.

The transition from traditional game to blockchain game is revolutionary, but the huge change the blockchain made is the productivity and production relation as a mediator.

As we know, the relation among the producers, developers or communicators is contradictory like consumer and seller in the traditional gaming while everyone is coexistent with mutually beneficial relation. After this revolution, the previous producers may become the consumers to get profit, which is the natural change of combination of game and underlying internet as well as the key of blockchain game.

Thus, peter pointed that the blockchain game will be overcome the traditional one if it can be integrated with the real game experience based on the value internet.

To provide the handy development tool for developers

Currently, most of blockchain technologies are at the primary stage and the problems of performance and convenience are obviously existed in the majority of underlying platform. As for the extension, many developers’ communities concentrated on the capacity expansion scheme in variety including slicing, state channel, tenfold protocol etc.

Peter added that, the biggest issue the blockchain is confronted with is how to attract more traditional game developers into blockchain game. Only when more developers participate, more emerging quality contents will attract more users to influence this industry.

Based on the above reasons, Peter Huang pointed that it’s necessary for the blockchain game development to provide the blockchain development tools or workflow for developers in primary.


The biggest obstacle to the blockchain game is the troublesome operation and threshold for the blockchain game users. In the market, most of games are logged in by wallets which means that gamers need to solve the digital currency purchase. Therefore, Peter thinks that wallet is vital for users’ payment.

Egretia is committed to getting the Tokens circulated among gamers, developers, channels and advertisers in the blockchain, but this ecology can only be completed by the whole industry instead of one of platforms, thus Egretia will hold the open mind to cooperate and facilitate the industry development.

Blockchain renews the game with great vigour, while it’s still far that the new market turns into a full — fledged business. All of us are barely to see the outlook and must work together. The difference is that some people just want to catch up with the trend, while others are stick to it with faith. Peter is the latter.


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