An Exclusive Interview: Egretia Founder Peter Huang — Part 1

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May 24 · 3 min read

Egretia founder & CEO Peter Huang has been interviewed by BiBiNews recently, a famous blockchain media, about technical development, engine tools and the vision of the blockchain game. Let’s review the whole interview together:

Q: Would you like to give us a detailed introduction about Egretia? And what’s the connection between Egretia and Egret since it’s very similar name.

Peter: Well, here is the thing, Egretia is the blockchain project partnered with Egret. As ia is a suffix that appears in the place or country, Egret pls ia is in hope of exploring the blockchain as a new field.

Q:Previously, there have been couples of developers in Egret. As you know, are there still many developers in blockchain?

Peter: So far, more developers are joining this industry. To be honest, the developers’ aims of developing products are the redemption by the channel. When the new field emerges, the first thing the teams consider is whether it is profitable or not, otherwise the team usually won’t pay more attentions on it, which means that only the middle or small team are working on it at the very early stage.

Blockchain game might be simply in the beginning, but gradually there will be more quality games to come as long as it could be supported or researched by the developers and company. If there are more better products, there will be more players to join then it will become profitable and eventually more developers will be attracted to participate in.

Q:What kinds of services do you provide for these game developers?

Peter: For now we provide some payment method based on token and blockchain development tools based on H5 and so forth. On the other hand, we will offer the relative technical supports to some developers on how to combine with the existing public chain. My ambition is to establish a better ecosystem and better platform.

Q:Do you have any quality games now?

Peter: We’ve attempted to work on one that we were officially authorized by the royal football club. In consideration of high cost and quite long development period, we are still adjusting and preparing, but will be released very soon.

Q:As for the engine, who are your rivals for now?

Peter: I wouldn’t say they are rivals. As far as I was concerned, I truly have an open mind to welcome more engine tools or developers to be involved. As I said earlier, more participants can bring the opportunity and more quality products, so this industry can be booming. So far, there not existed any industry monopoly.

Q: The blockchain game starts from scratch and takes time.

Peter: Yes, not only blockchain game is like that, but also the entire blockchain industry does. But we would like to say it’s the vision and trend. However, whether it’s blockchain or not, any new emerging technology demands the time and process to develop from the beginning to its coverage in the market.

I really hope more domestic or international teams participate in.

Q: What do you think about the blockchain game? Why do you leave Egret and work on the blockchain game now?

Peter: Firstly, game itself is a virtual economy compared to other projects, which makes much more convenient to complete and combine with Token Economy. On the other hand, blockchain game shall combine with the Token Economy in the short term, but eventually it will also connect with the chain, including crypto currency.

Blockchain game is the trend that brings the breakthrough to the traditional game and the new experiences to the gamers.

To be continued!!!!


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