An Exclusive Interview: Egretia Founder Peter Huang — Part 2

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May 27 · 4 min read

Egretia founder & CEO Peter Huang has been interviewed by BiBiNews recently, a famous blockchain media, about technical development, engine tools and the vision of the blockchain game. Let’s review the whole interview together:

Q:What obstacles or challenges to overcome in the blockchain game?

Peter:Since we are still in the infancy stage, everyone is exploring some new modes. Thus, there will be more new products coming out such as Blockchain game or Dapp. But truth is, the more the participants are, the more the quality products are.

Q:How many business models in the blockchain game so far?

Peter:There are main two kinds. One is that the certain extra fee will be charged in the process of crypto-currency transaction on the chain. For example, the gambling game providers can offer gamers a platform and meanwhile charge the certain trading fee. Another model: the products are related with the tokenized economy.

Q:How do your project make profit except for the crypto currency appreciation?

Peter:First of all, we are sticking to the ambition that provides handy & efficient tools, service and related solutions for developers. Secondly, we will jointly work on the token economy with some developers or partners in gaming industry. I am looking forward to establishing relatively complete ecosystem for example crowdfunding by the new tokens can obtain the finance and resources support. Therefore, what we really hope is that token can been circulated in our ecosystem and secondary market.

Q:If the platform, like Egretia, becomes successful, it still relies on some hottest game apps. What characteristics should be a must for a hot blockchain game?

Peter:To be honest, I was not supposed to evaluate it since we don’t have a hot game so far. But what I try to say is that, the hot game should focus more on the product itself instead of technical alteration. First, high quality. Second, relevance of game and entertainment. Third, connection with token economy. By Token, gamers get more pleasure and more taken from the game.

Q:Do you think it will be a long way to go? Don’t you think it’s quite early to join now?

Peter:It doesn’t matter early or late actually. It’s good to be early, so that we can accumulate some experience and learn lessons. Especially us, the team working on the tools and then platforms, the whole process will assist us to discover some obstacles and serve our developers better. That means, our team made some contributions to the development for the entire industry.

Q:What challenges or obstacles have you met?

Peter:The traditional startups focus more on their products and enlargement of business models. However, a company, team or project in the blockchain should take more things into consideration including products and secondary market. Just like a listed company, there are various of regulations including how to protect the benefit of investors. Also, the relevant regulations is not maturity. In addition, combining the products and market is challenging unlike news stimulation. You need to consider and explore the token value with the entire product.

Q:As you mentioned about tools and platform, what’s your vision?

Peter:Blockchain game is different with the traditional industry. Currently, I hope we can make more application connect with chain. What we need to do is to deeply understand the process, demands, weakness and cooperation fields of these applications, and to find out the real users ‘s demands.

In addition, we will join hands with more developers to connect token economy with games so that we can develop into the platform as more new products are available.

Q:When can it become a hit?

Peter:It’s still a long way to go for us or even entire industry.

Q:Is it possible to come soon? Or are you wait for that milestone to come?

Peter:We are working hard to reach there. But a boom in a new industry needs time, just as internet industry. At the early stage, there would be one or two seemingly milestones, then the combination of new products, users, as well as the changes in perceptions and other factors, facilitates the development of industry. In my opinion, it’s still one to two years before more projects can be applied to resolve some realistic problems including invoice and the traceability of some goods. But the optimistic attitude should be held about this aspect. Meanwhile, we cant enlarge it too much since this industry is influenced by the value of crypto currency. The higher the market value is, the more attentions it will attract, and the more projects the investors are willing to support.

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