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Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase XIII

Over the past two weeks, Egretia has completed the preliminary establishment of Egretia Test Chain; Egretia launched the game platform restructuring; Egretia Founder was interviewed by Jinsecaijing and Egretia product manager met up with LoMoStar community to share Egretia games!

Technology & Product Updates

Egretia Test Chain

Preliminary Establishment Completed

Blockchain Browser Debugging

Configure Egretia Workflow for Egretia Test Chain

Game Platform Support

1. Launch the game platform restructuring

2. UI Upgrade

3. Farmland Game is available on LomoStar Platform

4. Backoffice Function Strengthening


1. Football Master optimization

2. Make Improvement due to feedback

3. The Third-party Technical Support

1. Egretia Founder: The traditional game giants entering blockchain facilitates the numbers of users!

On 9th Jan. , Egretia founder Peter Huang was invited to share his view about blockchain game in Tuoluo Caijing Talk. He mentioned that, the most influential outcome in blockchain the traditional giants brought is users. With high quality game product, brand awareness , the existing partner platform and channel, the giants will attract more users to enter blockchain so as to increase the demands of more fun games and expand the market, which lead this industry to the bright future.

Why does it seem that the startups are always followed by the traditional game giants just as the fact of Crypto-kitty by Canadian then Netease and Tencent. Could you please explain this phenomenon? Why the giants act like this? What’s meaning of the connection with chain for them?

Among all the games ranging from PC, web and phone, the most successful ones tend to be created by the startups or small groups while the game giants try, follow up then put it all. Why?

To be clear, the strategic team of giants must have the excellent sense of marketing and technology. But when they invest or introduce new technology or new mode, they will have following concerns:

1. Market scale. In fact, marketing determines the incremental profit based on the current revenue. Therefore, they will estimate and figure out the perfect timing before they enter the market.

2.KPI and ROI. Every department of enterprises has been set the target earnings, which makes the giants who master the most advanced technology calm down and evaluate the market if the efforts and period of return are far worthless than its estimated profit. Obviously, company should give the priority to performance and revenue instead of risk at brand new orientation which may cost same resources but earn less. That’s also why Flash web game spent couples of years on transition. It’s known that the innovation and revolution require the high expenses and risk, so only executive managers can make decision. Although the giants have the cutting-edge technology, numerous users, rich financing and innovation, there are many factors to be considered for them. Once they start to invest, it’s hard to call off. Thus, they would rather have a trial in the first place, then move forward based on the traffic and feedback.

2. Mr.Guo: Blockchain Gameplay and Strategy

On 14th Jan., Egretia product manager Mr.Guo was invited in LoMoStar community sharing us the blockchain game background and development as well as The Investor Tycoon Gameplay. This meet-up has attracted many people to join and ended up with fruitful results.

Knowledge Base:

· What Is Blockchain Game?
Blockchain game is actually one of blockchain applications. There is no difference between blockchain games and traditional games in terms of content, graphics, gameplay, etc. Therefore, blockchain game is not a new type of game but a new form of game with the insertion of blockchain technology.

All the games that are seen on major mobile app stores, PCs, mainframe and other platforms can be turned into blockchain games.

· History of Blockchain Game

The blockchain game has a short history. With the development of the blockchain technology, blockchain games in their true sense, such as the well-known CryptoKitties(迷恋猫), FOMO3D, etc, have appeared since November of 2017.

But now, one problem facing the blockchain games is that they all have a less friendly commonality, that is, the player who enters first will always have a greater advantage than the player who enters the game later, causing many new players to “take over”.

This actually violates the core fairness principle of blockchain, so for the company, we should make products based on the core of users.

On the other hand, currently the blockchain gameplay is relatively simple, also not good as traditional game in the scale due to the performance and technical issue of main chains. However, plenty of game giants have become one of blockchain game to explore and practice including SONY ENTERTAINMENT, Ubisoft and NetEase and so on, which necessarily accelerate the technical revolution to produce the high-quality games in the future.

· Why should we embed the blockchain technology into the game? Do the gamers really need it?

Let’s start with the traditional game characteristics, as follows:

1. Game mechanism and odds used to be set and altered by game operators in private. Operators are “God” in the game (Centralized);

2. Game props and accounts are bonded without transferring (Asset Frozen)

3. Game props and virtual assets may depreciate due to operators’ unlimited issuing(Inflation);

4. The data of gamers has been saved on the developers’ servers, which means that gamers’ profit could get damaged if any attacks happen and compensation is up to operators. (Centralized server)

· Now let’s see what the blockchain game can bring.

1. Fairness and Openness! Operators cannot alter anything once the game regulations are written into smart contract. (Decentralized and transparent)

2. Game account and virtual assets are actually owned by gamers so that they can transfer it freely. (Asset freedom)

3. The total amount for issuing game virtual asset and currency (LMC) can be set by smart contract to maintain the value. (Hedging)

4. High Safety: All data will be put on the chain while even the operators couldn’t alter it. (Decentralized servers)

All above, the game operators master the absolute control of traditional game, which makes game lack in fairness and transparency. But for blockchain game, it has become more and more popular in daily entertainment of modern people.




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