Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase XVII

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Apr 3 · 4 min read

Over the past two weeks, Egretia game platform has been developed with newly-added functions and better experience for its gamers, meanwhile Egretia team has been working on the blockchain technology development and new Unity 3D shooting fishing game, other than that, one more new game will be coming soon ~

1.Blockchain development framework (50%)

Support React development, React ecology tool is available

Only adopt blockchain SDK to isolate from blockchain logic

Reserve the underlying blockchain logic API

2. New Game 80%

Blockchain Sandbox Game: Independent assortment, infinite possibilities

Tool trading market: Support free trade of tool

3. Others

Optimization and amendment according to the feedback

Third-party technical support

Yipu Game Platform

  1. Newly-added partner mechanism: To share the revenue based on the amount of EGT investment as a partner in Yipu.

2. Newly-added dividends mechanism: Gamers can obtain the dividends and participant in the EGT revenue based on that by playing game. The original Ebean mechanism has been removed and will be exchanged into EGT based on the ratio automatically.

3. Lucky Draw Pool: Any gamers who played the game are likely to win the Jackpot of EGT.

4. Newly-added referral bonus: The person who invited a new player will get bonus 1000EGT and get rewards when the invited person consumed.

5. Newly-added sharing function: Gamers can copy the sharing link and send it to invite more friends to join.

6. Updated email system: All the information will be sent to users in time including system news, dividends, sharing revenue, partner’s dividend and so on

7. Red packet: Gamers can send red packet to their friends with random or identical amount.

8. Newly-added Game: Escape Plan: The highest profit players can win is 100 times of EGT.

Fishing Legend is available!

Fishing Legend is a Unity 3D fishing and shooting game, which was developed by Egretia Vietnam developer partner with Egretia workflow. Game recreates the real sea world with the interlacing shadows and depth of field. Download Address:

Fishing Legend can provide gamers with the cannons to catch a wide variety of fishes and meanwhile the gamers will be rewarded with tokens. Gamers are able gain more tokens by catching more fishes using independent assortment of cannons and skills. What’s more, the function of cannons trial is open to gamers. Gamers can make a better choice on strengthening the aggression of weapons since they can experience the effect of weapons before purchasing including aggression of wings.

Besides, Fishing Legend is also supplemented with numerous games which tokens and diamond will be rewarded.

Of two kinds of ways to obtain tokens and diamonds, recharging EGT or purchasing them by EGT can bring gamers better experience in the game. Of course, those tokens or diamonds they earned can be converted into EGT anytime to ensure the maximum of gamers’ benefit.


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Egretia, the world's first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform. Join us on Telegram: