Egretia Bi-weekly Report: Phase XVIII

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Apr 30 · 3 min read

Over the past two weeks, Egretia team has made great progress in the technology and products including brand new version of game platform release and update, blockchain development framework testing and React support and so forth. In the media, Peter was invited to give a delivery on the WaykiChain Blockchain Game Ecology Summit in Shenzhen, ArcBlock founder Robert Mao met up with Egretia founder Peter in Egretia Beijing office and Peter was interviewed by BiBi News — a known blockchain media. For more upcoming news about Egretia, stay tuned!

Technology & Product updates

1. Game platform support

Optimize partners’ dividends mechanism: Enable partners to view daily income;

Optimize back office risk management: strengthen platform security and automatically identify attack behavior;

Optimize the platform update mechanism: send the email notification every time to keep the user notified timely;

Red envelope experience optimization: Optimize sending and receiving experience;

Other function optimization;

2. blockchain framework development (testing)

Support React development. React ecological tools available

Isolating the blockchain business logic, just call the blockchain SDK interface.

3. Keep the underlying blockchain logical access interface and free access to the underlying logic of the blockchain

4. Blockchain game development

The core logic of Main scene (completed)

Trading market buying and selling logic (completed)

Game details optimized and polished (in progress)

5. Others

Optimize and fix game as per players’ feedback

Third-party technical support


ArcBlock Founder Robert Mao met up with Peter!

On 16th April, ArcBlock founder Robert Mao met up with Peter in Beijing office to explore the development of blockchain technology and DApp as well as establishment of further cooperation in the coming future.

Egretia founder Peter was invited to WaykiChain Blockchain Game Ecology Summit

On 19th April, Egretia founder Peter Huang was invited to give a speech on WaykiChain Blockchain Game Ecology Summit! He gave a detailed introduction about blockchain game — Football Master which will be released very soon. On the one hand, Football Master combines the card collection with the combat game, characterized by the randomness, to stimulated users’ curiosity. On the other hand, Football Master connects the core asset with chain to ensure the transparency and openness of players trading, which makes the players’ asset owned by gamers in deed.

A Panel Discussion on Blockchain Game

Egretia founder Peter was present at a Panel Discussion on blockchain game sponsored by WaykiChain and Torro Finance. Panelists, including BRILLIANT GAMES CEO Mr. Jia experienced in Tencent and Sina Games, BlockDance CEO, UOC community founder Mr.Jia and other experts in the blockchain game, had a deep conversation and exploration of the sustainable blockchain game ecology.


BIBINEWS Exclusive interview: Egretia founder Peter

On 22nd April, Egretia founder Peter has been interviewed by BIBINEWS for 3 hrs, a notable blockchain media. In the video, he talked about the original ambition of Egretia, the current challenge of blockchain game market, the characteristic and development model for the blockbuster new game in the future and so forth. (Video will be launched soon~)


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