Egretia Bi-weekly Report Phase:XXIII

Over the past two weeks, Egretia Team has been working on the technical development, strategic cooperation and community expanding and so on. In aspect of Technology and products, R&D team endeavored to develop the official wallet and blockchain football game; for Exchange, EGT has been available in PIEXGO; In media, Egretia founder was invited to an exclusive interview in the well-known blockchain media in china; In community, Egretia partnered with OKEx to initiate an airdrop activity with 6 million EGT! Stay tuned for more info!

Tech&Product Update

1.Egretia Wallet

HD Wallet function (100%)

HD Wallet function testing (60%)

Cloud Wallet function development (10%)

Cloud Wallet Recharging

Cloud Wallet Withdrawal

Cloud Wallet Transferring

Cloud Wallet Third-party Authorization

Cloud Wallet Third-party Compiling by embedded documents

Third-party Back-office Development

Other functional development

2.Blockchain Game Development

Game pre-sale page intranet test (100%)

Game recharge interface testing (100%)

Withdrawal, auditing development and testing (100%)

Game details optimization and polishing (100%)



Optimize and fix player issues as per feedback

Third-party technical support

Blockchain Game

Football King

1、 Revise the rankings of incentive mechanisms

2、 Debug the football model in the field

3. Add new access for registry

4、Amend the maximum of gamers’number

5、Reduce the transaction fee

6、The cooling time of free card draw is reduced, and the number of free card draw is increased.


EGT gets listed on PIEXGO!

On July 23th, EGT has been listed on PIEXGO! Support EGT/USDT. PIEXGO is a comprehensive digital currency trading platform, focusing on establishing an “integrated incentive” platform ecological mechanism for institutional/individual investors and professional traders. Its reputable institutional investors include Du Capital, NGC, Signum Capital, Node Capital, Genesis Capital, CollinStar Capital, Vikking Capital, LD Capital, and other institutions in the investment.


6 Million EGT Giveaway in OKEx!

Egretia partnered with OKEx to initiate the online airdrop event. Promotion period: July 31st 11:00(HKT) to Aug. 7th 11:00(HKT), more details pls join our telegram!


An exclusive interview: Egretia Founder Peter

July 28th, the well-known blockchain media in china has interviewed Egretia Peter. Peter explained that Egretia will facilitate the value circulation between games and crypto assets between the exchange instead of traditional virtual coin. Thus, more people like developers, advertising, gamers, exchanges will get involved in this industry so as to form a sustainable circulation.In the future, EGT will be able to circulate among the entire game ecosystem and support the quality game.

Stay tuned for updates from the Egretia official channels below so that you can be involved in all the exciting things to come.

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Egretia, the world's first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform. Join us on Telegram:

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Egretia, the world's first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform. Join us on Telegram:

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