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May 26, 2018

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Egretia is unstoppable! Egretia finishes the main sale in 4 minutes!


Egretia leads the global blockchain community.

In the past half year, every Egretia team member united together and devoted themselves to accomplishing one milestone after another. Today, Egretia finishes the main sale successfully, which unveiled a brand-new page for the development of HTML5 and the blockchain world.

Egretia’s Private Sale successfully ended on May 23rd. Blockchain communities, industry experts and investors all across the world had shown a lot of interest. During the private sale period, Egretia received more than 1000 applications from more than 100 countries around the world. The team assessed every application carefully and approved 70 of them from about 25 countries. (This raise did not accept citizens from China, the United States and other countries and regions.) Ultimately, more than 29,000 ETH were collected.

The public token sale was successfully launched on on May 26th, 8:00 am CST. Within 4 minutes, a total of 8,250 ETH, 1,500,000 CMT and 500,000 ABT were raised, which came from 92 countries. As one of the few public sales projects that accept multi-token financing, Egretia’s success is more valuable than ever. (This raise did not accept citizens from China, the United States and other countries and regions.) The tokens represented the recognition and support of global developers and users, and how they were determined to enter the new ecosystem created by the HTML5 technology and the blockchain technology under the leadership of Egretia.

Embrace the future of HTML5 with the whole industry

Egretia’s vision is to unite and bring 200,000 developers and 1 billion HTML5 terminals to the blockchain world. There is still a long way to go for the future; the team will not forget about its original aspirations and will continue striving to succeed.

The success of this public token sale belongs to the hard work of Egretia team and supporters from all over the world.

Peter, the CEO of Egretia, expressed that: “The successful completion of this public token sale is only the very first step towards realizing our vision. We have the ability, confidence, and determination to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain engine and platform, and shortly after, create an ecosystem so that tokens can circulate all around the world.

Without your effort and support, our fundraising goal could not be achieved. Many thanks to every single member of the Egretia team. Your hard work helped to advance Egretia to the entire world. Many thanks to all our investors, partners and both Chinese and foreign media channels, thank you for offering your support and trust. This will become our motivation for the future.”

In the past month, Egretia has organized three Airdrops and online AMAs for its community members. Egretia used this opportunity to interact with supporters from Asia, Europe, and North America. It also discussed trending developments related to product architecture and platform organization.

In the future, Egretia will communicate with community members online regularly because the inspirations from supporters have been encouraging the team to keep upgrading the product.

Egretia will also meet the deadlines set on its roadmap, convey the most recent progress to supporters, adapt to their suggestions with an open mind, and keep upgrading and optimizing its product.

The public token sale would not have been possible without the continuous and unconditional support from Egretia’s global partners and investors. The Egretia team would like to express its sincere appreciation to Yung Ming Capital Management, Guojin Capital, CyberMiles, LomoStar, Viking Capital, UltronFund, Ceyuan Ventures, LD Capital, LinkVC, Krypital Group, Tokeneed, Bits Angel, ArcBlock, Merculet, Fenbushi Capital, The K Block, Fusion Capital, KBIT and other institutions.

A heartfelt gratitude also goes out to more than 40 mainstream media platforms all across the world that gave reports on Egretia projects; the list includes Bloomberg Inc, Business Wire, Yahoo Finance, Tencent, Netease, Sina Game, Golden Finance and Tuoluocaijing. These media platforms all conducted in-depth and thorough interviews with Egretia.

Embark on the new journey building the HTML5 blockchain ecosystem

Besides providing the industry with blockchain development workflow based on HTML5, Egretia will gradually build its own blockchain gaming platform, virtual trading platform, and advertising platform. Meanwhile, Egretia will partner up with pioneers in the blockchain industry to incubate promising projects and outstanding developers together. Egretia will play a significant role in constructing a HTML5 Blockchain Game Alliance and will create a prosperous ecosystem for the future.

Instructions on Token Issuance

Within six weeks of the closing of the public token sale, Egretia will issue EGT tokens to the provided ETH address. For inquiries, please email:

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