Eidoo among members of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland

We are happy to announce that our company, Eidoo, joins the Bitcoin Association Switzerland as a corporate member.

Bitcoin Association Switzerland is an active community of enthusiasts that organizes regular events — with a group that grows by more than 10% every month — while trying to resolve open legal questions, and educating the public by providing a contact point for media inquiries.

The whole Switzerland is increasing its influence in the fintech and blockchain sector more and more, and we are pleased to have contributed together with Digital Identity SA to the creation of CryptoPolis a few weeks ago when we assisted the municipality of Chiasso to accept bitcoin as a method of payment for taxes.

For us at Eidoo is a real pleasure being a part of this growing Swiss cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Eidoo is a Swiss-based startup that aims at disrupting the way how users interact with the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In fact, Eidoo is a mobile multicurrency wallet to store Bitcoin, Ether and all the ERC20 tokens.