Eidoo hit 200k downloads: a wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens + ICO Engine

Today our Eidoo Wallet app hits more than 200,000 downloads.

We are very glad about the worldwide support we are receiving from you all, but this is just one of the few steps we want to achieve.

200k ways to thank you

200k downloads is a very important goal for us, but there is a lot to do to improve our product, by providing you more tools in the near future, as you can read in the roadmap you can find here.

As you know, in fact, Eidoo is not just a user-friendly multicurrency wallet for Ethereum and all ERC20 and ERC223 tokens, and a successful ICO Engine, but we plan to be much more, by developing more tools including a decentralized exchange, an Eidoo-branded debit card, and a decentralized marketplace. Everything bundled into a single mobile app (soon available for desktop too).

Downloads by worldwide users are more than 150k on the Google Play Store (181,546 to be more precise) and about 20k on the App Store.

Eidoo downloads on Android devices

Eidoo ICO Engine

As Eidoo users are keeping growing fast, this is a huge opportunity for startups that want to organize a token sale through our ICO Engine: more users mean a greatest chance to reach more potential people who are interested in joining your ICO.

Also, one of the services we provide for startups is the airdrop, free giveaways of tokens that are useful to create a significant advertising effect for users who recognize receiving a gift that has a quantifiable value.

Companies can take advantage of the broad adoption of the Eidoo mobile app, so a user who is not yet aware of an initiative can get in touch with a company and its token sale.

Many services will be added to the mobile app in the near future, so Eidoo will be able to attract more users in the world. This way, more people will be able to come in contact with and decide to join new ICOs.