Eidoo Wallet Updates: 5500+ downloads — EDO to be listed on exchanges

This article will show you all the updates related to the latest week regarding the Eidoo wallet and our upcoming token sale (it’s going to start in a few hours!).

Click here to watch a step-by-step guide to join the Eidoo ICO.

5500 + downloads

Currently, we have more than 5500+ downloads on both the iOS and Android devices from all around the world.

This is not an enormous number, but it is if you consider that we are online from just a few weeks and we haven’t started the ICO yet.

This chart is related to Android only.

Eidoo ICO will start tomorrow on October 4th at 00.25 CET (Ethereum block 4334438) as you can read in the token sale page.

As you can see also on the app itself, the countdown is running, and the begin is just around the corner.

The token price is $2.30; also, we have fixed the price in Ethereum as 130 EDO per ETH.

To decide this price, we used the ETH/USD pair rate conversion of 299$ registered during the morning of October 2nd, 2017.

Terms & Conditions

Before joining the Eidoo token sale, you need to accept Terms and Conditions (T&C), as we want to have a 100% aware user.

This is valid not only for the Eidoo ICO but also for those organized by third parties.

In fact, we are going develop our ICO Engine to join token sales. This will be a safe and fast tool to buy tokens from third-party startups, without the chance of phishing and hacker attacks.

Also, this certifies that people are aware of the token sale details because they will always need to agree to T&C.

The ICO Engine will also feature a timestamp and the proof on the Ethereum Blockchain that the T&C has been accepted by users.

This because we believe that ICOs will be subjected to regulation soon and we would like to be the first in exploiting this potential event.


A few times we receive the question: “Where EDO tokens will be listed on?”.

Of course, EDO will be listed on our exchange, as we plan to develop a decentralized exchange in the near future.

In a first moment, the exchange we implement will be a hybrid exchange for Ethereum and tokens, but then it will turn into a fully decentralized platform for Bitcoin too.

That said, our exchange will not be the only one to list EDO.

In fact, we want to inform you that there are advanced discussions with Bitfinex.

Eidoo is in contact with this important exchange for a few months, and it is working on listing our token just a few weeks after the ICO ends.

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