Describes a lot of us individuals

But not just us

The cliques are born and bred and held firmly together by each member’s insecurity

In some cases it culminates into fear

Synonym for danger

To the individual

What was perfect solitude

Seems like rejection, loneliness

Where once it was perfect harmony with the forces of the earth; now cast out

Who they are isn’t good enough anymore

Overwhelming need to fit in

Followed by disappointment

Because fitting in is not a feat they’ll undertake

What made them stand out

Now perceived as a curse

Sad really, for the lost individual

When they finally firmly establish that the world is not their niche

Rather than go back to how things were, they withdraw

Pale face

Slight slouch creeps into their walk

True blue skies are detestable

The bright light is too bright

Cover of darkness is much preferred

Happy is no longer in their vocabulary

Can’t conjure the feeling

Friendly faces now sneer and leer

What is there to live for?