Accessing Eikon Desktop

How to log into the Eikon database on a Windows PC

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Refinitiv Eikon can be accessed via a web interface (Eikon Web) or a desktop interface (Eikon Desktop). These two interfaces are very similar and provide the same content; the desktop interface also includes Excel add-ins. You must book a slot with an Eikon ID to use Eikon (web or desktop) or Datastream.

We will post instructions on Library Help (business data topic) at launch.

Outline of how to log into Eikon Desktop

  1. Install Eikon Desktop (staff only)
  2. Launch Eikon Desktop
  3. Log in with the Eikon ID you have booked

1. Install Eikon Desktop (staff only)

Eikon with Datastream’ is in the Software Centre to allow staff to install on their University desktop or laptop. It is only available for Windows.

Software Center “Eikon with Datastream”
Install ‘Eikon with Datastream’ from the Software Center.

For IT staff, if you have administrator rights on your PC, you can download Eikon Desktop directly from Refinitiv. You will need to book an Eikon ID to do so, and agree to their terms and conditions.

2. Launch Eikon Desktop

  • Click on the Windows Start button.
  • Scroll through the list of folders of all programs to ‘Thomson Reuters’ and click to open the folder.
  • Find ‘Thomson Reuters Eikon’ and click to launch.
Eikon Desktop login

3. Log in with the Eikon ID you have booked

  • Enter the Eikon user ID and password that you got from the booking system.
  • It is essential that you log in at your allocated time to avoid interfering with somebody else’s booking.
Eikon Desktop supports multiple sub-windows (left). You can view apps full size (right).

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