EtherInc Successfully Listed on Hotbit

The ETI token which is the central currency of the EtherInc blockchain is now listed on the Hotbit exchange. Hotbit is one of the top digital token exchanges in the world. We look forward to this new opportunity and welcome traders on Hotbit to EtherInc!

Based in Shanghai, Hotbit has a daily trading volume of USD $68 million and was ranked 39 at the time of writing the article. With a large user base in Asian markets, Hotbit will provide better exposure to EtherInc project and will open up new door for users to acquire and use ETI tokens.

Hotbit offers secure and high-volume trading with a user friendly interface and all the tools day and occasional traders need to have an enjoyable and safe cryptocurrency trading experience. In addition to a secure and fast trading and transfer experience, Hotbit offers 24/7 support in case traders have any trouble or questions.

For more information about how to set-up your account and trade ETI tokens on Hotbit, please read through the clear instructions outlined on their new user guide and take a moment to read through the other resources listed on the Hotbit help page.

To know more about the project check out our website and join our telegram group for regular updates.

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