New Partnership Announcement with WifiCoin

We are excited to announce that EtherInc has signed a strategic partnership with Wificoin for DAO implementation!

EtherInc (or eInc), the only live functional DAO platform currently in existence, is proud to announce a partnership with Wificoin, the Singular Secure Wifi network for the Planet. Wificoin is exploring options to run its protocol’s foundation in a decentralized manner and after significant due diligence is considering eInc’s DAO platform. eInc is excited to collaborate with Wificoin and is confident that the eInc protocol meets all the attributes required to successfully structure a decentralized organization for the Wificoin Foundation.

Wificoin, whose team is based in San Francisco, leverages blockchain technology to converge existing WiFi networks around the world to form one Global Public WiFi Utility that is open to all, seamless and secure by design. Anyone can earn Wificoins by offering to share their home or organization’s WiFi access points and seamlessly access millions of WiFi hotspots by spending Wificoins.

EtherInc is a fork of Ethereum and the world’s first live and functional DAO platform. More than 1,500 decentralized organizations have already been created using the eInc protocol, with more than 86,000 transactions processed on the mainnet. In July 2018, eInc completed its coinsale and ETI tokens will be tradeable in the coming days on the Exrates crypto exchange.

To foster a deeper collaboration with the Wificoin community, EtherInc will reward Wificoin community members with 100,000 ETI tokens. Moreover, Wificoin will offer exclusive discounts on Wificoin compatible hardware as well as priority access to mine Wificoin to the EtherInc community. This partner community reward program will widen the reach and distribution of ETI tokens and help achieve global adoption of the eInc protocol.

Partner Community Reward Rules:

  • The eligible user must verify their profile using the widget on
  • The eligible user must be a member of Wificoin’s social media channels
  • Each Wificoin telegram member will receive 20 ETI tokens
  • Each Wificoin miner will receive a special discount code for 20 ETI tokens

This reward program is only valid for a limited time period. The program is available to everybody, including EtherInc current members who have already previously received free ETIs.

Both Wificoin and eInc are extremely proud of this strategic partnership and look forward to a bright future for both projects.

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