Q&A Session with EIPlatform Founder and Team Empire Owner Sergey Nevodnichiy

Sep 23, 2018 · 7 min read
  • Q&A sessions are held every Wednesday at 4pm GMT. To join our community and be part of future sessions, sign up to the EIPlatform Telegram group. In a change to the regular schedule, last week’s session was held on Thursday.

Last week’s Q&A session was held with EIPlatform founder, Sergey Nevodnichiy who is also the creator of one of the most popular teams in the history of esports, Team Empire. The wide range of questions covered the development of EIPlatform, Team Empire and Sergey’s thoughts on the esports and crypto worlds.

Q: How do you think EIP can be integrated or work together with game developers? Are you going after indie games too or only AAA companies?

A: Of course, integration with game devs is one of the things that needs to be done in our platform. In terms of in-game items turnover, market place, etc. it could be an opportunity to work with. But it depends mostly on the game developers who join our platform.

Q: In a simple and quick way can you answer — how a gamer / streamer can make revenue with EIPlatform?
A: They can make value on sponsors activities. If a sponsor needs a streamer’s audience, he could get a part of the payment (so it depends on their audience and their activity).

Q: What are your plans regarding current MOBA championships? To partner with current events or perhaps have our own?
A: Our plan is to be partners with all the major MOBA operators (League, Dota2, AoV etc)

Q: Which machine learning algorithms will be integrated into EIPlatform?
A: We have few suggestions, but which algorithm will be used… it all depends on our core coders. So, it’s too early to say

Q: What do you think about the epidemic of fake news?
A: Hey! There are no fake news! All news are legit! Trust me ;)

Sergey Nevodnichiy

Q: What event inspired you to the idea of creating EIPlatform?
A: We made an activity with one of Team Empire’s sponsors. And saw that the platform could make it much easier. It was activity for The International 2016, I guess.

Q: Does Team Empire plan to create a woman esports team?
A: I don’t think that it is good to separate male and female teams. Everyone can get a PC/console/ mobile no mater who you are. So, the answer is no )

Q: is it planned to master and create a team for the soon-to-be-played game Artifact?
A: Artifact is one of our priorities at the moment.

Q: Liquidation of ICO investments is the main reasons of falling value of Ethereum. So, a massive sell off will reduce the price of ETH. Is there any solution for this?
A: For us it doesn’t matter. Our idea is to create solution — an instrument for esports market. It depends on EMI turnover more than on a ETH price

Q: For Team Empire, how do you choose team members?
A: We have a great infrastructure in Team Empire. So, our esports director is in charge of that. We have an esports director, manager, coach, assistant to coach (analyst), scouts etc. So, it their call to choose team players.

Q: Esports games are constantly evolving and new ones launching which can become popular fast. How much of a challenge is this to you for the development of the EIP platform? and for Team Empire?
A: For the platform it is a very good thing. We could easily add new games and/or audience to our circles. For Team Empire it could be a challenge, of course. We need to understand which titles will become esports and why. And then invest into it.

Q: Do you think people understand the implications of the bio- and infotech revolutions that are under way?
A: In my opinion it is more of an evolution rather than revolution. So, we all will have some time to get used to it

Q: in your opinion what game should be first represented at the Olympic Games?
A: Well, I think it would be a single player game. A real time shooter, for example

Q: As you are sell aware one obstacle to the development of AI is the fundamental limitations of computer memory. Computers, at a fundamental level, can only work with bits. This limits the type of information that they can describe. What do you think are possible solutions in perspective development of this issue?

A: Hey, our partners — Seagate just started to sell 14tb hard drive! ;) They will find a solution :)

Q: Hello! Will the self-defense algorithm be developed against cyber attacks?
A: There will be a very good protection of our data. That is one of the reasons why we need a significant investments )

Q: By what criteria, in addition to the player’s personal skill, are the sets in the Team Empire?
A: One of our main things is how well a candidate could become part of the team.

Q: Is there a common set of values of the Esports Interactive Platform, which are there in order to meet the needs of the majority of the cybersport audience?
A: Our main value… Hmm… In a few words — Value for all esports market players. Value for audience, Value for barnds, Value for teams and tournaments. Value for viewers.

Q: A slight change of topic — I see gambling on esports becoming increasingly popular — I see more and more esports betting markets available now in the UK and likewise in Asia in just the past year. What is your opinion on gambling in esports? Is it good for the industry because it brings in more money or do you think it will have a negative impact?
A: Gambling is a significant part of human nature. Of course, regulated gambling (for 18+) and fair play is very important, but gambling in esports is very similar to regular sports gambling. So, I don’t see any problems with that.

Q: I enjoyed watching the team play on TI 7, did you consider res0lution as a permanent member of the team?
A: Roman is our good friend. After all, he started his way with Team Empire. But he prefers to be a part of US based organization.

Q: What is the largest esports event of the year that the EIPlatform can benefit most from?
A: I think The International 2019. Also, Majors in CSGO.

Q: Can artificial intelligence completely replace humans in marketing issues for the esports sector?
A: It could, but not completely. Humans mind is too complicated for any AI (yet) Let it win against humans in DOTA2 first. :)

Q: Tell us please, how should the Platform work in the ideal variant?
A: The ideal way… Well, you could check the idea on our Youtube channel and website. It will take a lot of time to describe. It is easier to watch )

Q: How much of a role do you think influencers/streamers play in the growing popularity of esports to a mainstream audience?
A: They are one of the big parts of esports and entertainment of esports. So, there would not be any esports without viewership.

Q: What advice can you give to people who are just starting their way in e-sports?
A: They are one of the big parts of esports and entertainment of esports. So, there will be no any esports without viewership.

Q: Sergey, I hope, someday my level of play in DOTA will grow to the required level and I can play under your tag :)
Your team has always been an excellent cadre of cadres (almost all eminent cng players started with the team Empire), I wish your team success in the new DPC season!
A: Thank you very much, my friend!!! :) I hope we will be at the ti9!

Q: So excuse me if this question was already asked, but I’m interested in how you got into the esports scene yourself? Was there a particular moment where you realized the economic potential of this industry?
A: Work hard on your game, get higher and higher! And you will be noticed. So, after Tier 5–4–3–2 teams you will be in a Tier1 team! SO< WORK HARD!
The second part — esports is one of the most prospective industries in the world! So, it will continue to grow! For years!

Q: Tell me, in your opinion, should we expect the rapid growth of BTC? or stagnation will continue
A: That’s for sure. Well, I think cryptos will stay on the following corridor: 10–112000 ;)

Q: Finally, what is your favorite DOTA team, of course, after the Empire?
A: Liquid I think )

Thank you, Sergey, for the detailed and fascinating Q&A session. These sessions are very useful for potential investors and users to gain direct answers to their questions about the EIP project and also to “meet” the team behind its development.

The weekly sessions are held every Wednesday at 4pm GMT. To join our community and be part of future sessions, sign up to the EIPlatform Telegram group.

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