A.K.A “A little egoistic philosophical text about choosing”

What waits ahead?

Just two years ago, I was confident of my future. Now look at me, sitting in my room, staring at the wall, confused just by how much is possible. Days have passed with me looking at my computers screen scrolling through websites, watching videos and reading blogs about universities, courses and fields of interest and instead of making choice easier it only made it harder. There is just so much out there I could imagine myself doing, and whenever I seem to settle on one thing, it always feels like I am compromising on something. Because, as you all know, there is just one life to live and right now, as our teacher told us, we are choosing what we will be doing the next 40 years or more. That of course, is totally wrong. Everybody ( except teachers perhaps ) will tell you that life is not a script you follow, but that there will always be change. There are people that studied History and now work in the Music Industry. Still, the image of “choose wisely, you will never be able to choose again” is something that you get to hear a lot. And it is of course understandable, because you indeed want to choose the right thing on first try, you want to study something you are happy with studying.

During my struggle to find something I would really love to do, I sometimes felt really bad, because I thought about how glad we should be that we have this much possibilities. Only 100 years ago, people could have never even imagined the things we are able to do today. They would have loved to be able to study everywhere in there own country as well as everywhere around the world. And there are still a lot of people around the world, that have never had the chance of even going to school. It feels ungrateful to complain about too much choice when there are still people around the world that have none. However, while that thought makes me feel bad, it doesn’t change the situation I am in, and from what I know a lot of young students are in. Lets just have a look at different courses in the “Media and Design” field. There is Digital Media, Media, Media for Broadcast, Communication and Media, Digital Media Design, Change + Design, Ecodesign, Design, Communication Design, Interaction Design, Graphic Design and so on. I know that Design is a highly specialised field, but that is only a tiny amount of study programmes out there that have to do with media and design. Now tell me, where is the difference? What can I do with it later?

I guess what is important when looking for a course to study is to take one step after the other. First, choose where you want to study ( in what region), then look for possible courses and choose one. While I know that it is important to see what you want to do after studying, I think you first need to be sure what you want to study. A lot of people say: “Go and follow your passion”. That would be quite easy. If I would follow my passion, I would be studying singing and songwriting. The problem? I can’t imagine myself being on stage all day, singing in front of crowds and being on a tight schedule to complete songs. It would probably end my passion for music. Of course you should have fun at work, it should be something you enjoy doing. But it doesn’t always have to be your number one passion. What is most important is that whatever you choose to do, do it great. Think about what you are good at, and how you could combine that with something you like to do. Of course, If your good at mathematics, but don’t want to study it, don’t do it. However, you could choose a course where your skills in mathematics could be combined with one of your personal interests.

Moreover, choosing a course doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. Learning goes on, even outside of university or school. If you decided for a design course but want to learn coding, do it. If you decided to study physics but love history, read some good books about it . Go to museums. Subscribe to a youtube channel. Apply to an online course. Today, there are more possibilities than ever outside of university. 
What is important is that you take your time to decide what to do, but after that you have to decide. Just do it. There will always be a possibility to change afterwards. Just know that when you are studying something, you are not compromising.

Finally, all I can say is that looking out for courses and fields of interest made me think about myself and who I want to be, in a way that I never could at school. I think that schools should give their students more possibilities trying out different things. I know that in England and in the US and Canada, creative classes like Design, Film or Media are already common, but here in Germany, our education system is limited to the very basics and hasn’t really changed much since it was first introduced. While schools are slowly playing catch up with modern technologies, the way they are implemented still leaves much to be desired.

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