Beau Brummell, Father of Dandyism

We’re all about changing the game at ETT; we appreciate and respect what is, but keep our sight on how we can make things better. Game changers persevere through criticism and introduce unique, fresh and disruptive concepts — and they push until the new becomes the norm.

Beau Brummell was the arbiter of fashion during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In many ways, modern menswear owes its sleek and minimalist allure to Beau’s game-changing brilliance.

His hallmark as the fashion icon of his time was his rejection of the menswear norm in that era, which he replaced with low-key, bespoke outfits. He ditched the knee breeches and stockings for full-length trousers, ornate and colorful outerwear for dark coats, impeccable quality shirt linen and exquisitely accessorized cravats.

Brummell helped forge luxury menswear as we know it today. Not all on his own, of course, but he certainly paved a path and did it with such confidence and magnetism that he soon was the maven of menswear fashion that people were comparing themselves to.

It all starts with a vision; when popular trends cease to satiate us, it’s time to look toward what could be.

Lesson learned: See what is missing and apply a confident unrelenting drive to contribute something better. Let everyone else follow at their own pace; a force strong enough will always bring others along in its wake.