Care Guide: The Cotton Shirt

Well-tailored garments made of quality fabric are more resilient than you think. Contrary to popular belief, some classic menswear can outlast some of the worst beatings if you know how to maintain the garments.

Here is to helping you make the most out of their investments into quality attire.

Our core products seek to make your wardrobes both easy to wear and simple to maintain without wasted effort. As such, our shirts are made from high-density 100% cotton. So what does that mean ? Essentially, you can (and should) wash them as you would anything else. In fact, our oxford shirts break in after a few washes.

One prevailing popular belief among men is that dry cleaning is the best way to clean their shirts. Perhaps surprising to some, washing them at home or a laundromat provides an all-around better result long-term. More specifically, a good wash rids your dress shirts of the moisture and odors they inevitably gather over the course of wear. What results is a deep, thorough clean you can *feel* down to the fiber level.

If you live in a metropolitan city without the space to comfortably set up an ironing board then you’re probably used to having your shirts laundered and ironed for about $4/shirt. For those of us who have the space, you’ve most likely come to appreciate the precise craft that is giving a shirt a perfect press. In contrast to the way most laundry shops crease collar (usually flat which makes the collar more square) from home you can create the perfect roll when ironing the collar.

It’s no secret that a dress shirt’s journey to Goodwill is often hastened by the back of the collar which turns brown as you sweat. In due time, it becomes an irremovable yellow stain and turns your dress shirt into the pariah in the furthest corner of your closet. You can pre-treat it before every wash and avoid heat but your collar’s staining escapes no dress shirt.

Luckily the collar is only about 5% of the fabric of the shirt and throwing the whole shirt away because of a collar stain would be like closing your restaurant after one bad Yelp review. There is an alternative. If your tailor has your measurements and additional fabric in stock, he can easily replace your collar, breathing new life into a dress shirt you thought might be headed to the trash. Rejoice, the power of classic tailoring.

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