How To: Sock Pairing

In a busy, fast-moving world, a well-groomed man shouldn’t have to spend too much time choosing socks. For future reference, here’s a simple guide to make your sock pairing decisions in the morning as easy as possible.


If you can’t figure out which socks make the most sense, remember that they should be one shade darker than your trousers. Should that not be an option (aka laundry day), go with socks one shade lighter than your shoes instead.


Some situations call for a little more texture. Adhere to the rule above but include a pattern that complements without distracting. Thin socks should be paired with smooth fabrics and sleek shoes while your thicker socks work well with heavy cloths and sturdy footwear.


One way to experiment with hosiery or add some “pop” to an otherwise simple look is to start with a striped sock where one color is already a part of your outfit. And if you’re looking to make an even bigger statement, go with vibrant colors that contrast the more neutral colors of the rest of your outfit.


Of course break out the no shows when the time is right, but for all other occasions be mindful of the dreaded “sock slouch.” Knee highs are preferred in all cases where you wouldn’t want to expose your bare leg unintentionally.

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