Tailoring Tips: Keeping Your Shirt Tucked

A point of frustration for the presentation conscious man deals with the dreaded shirt untuck.

This can be caused by an ill-fitting shirt that is too short, and in some cases, a pair of trousers with a waist too loose to keep the shirt close to the body as you move about your day. Luckily, we consider both issues when developing your items.

We ensure that your shirt is long enough by cutting it at the same length as your jacket. We also make sure that the hip of the shirt is tapered enough to comfortably hug your waist. Our trousers are lined with a thin rubber grip helping them to stay on your waist as it simultaneously provides a point of friction to secure your shirt inside of your trousers.

If you own a pair of trousers that are snug in the waist but your shirts still frequently untuck, consider asking your tailor to apply waistband grippers. Should your tailor not carry these grippers, you can find a roll of them at your local fabric shop.