Green Hydrogen Value Chain with the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center

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Hydrogen will be an important part of integrating renewables in the energy system and above all, to decarbonise industry. The European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC) focuses purely on accelerating the uptake of green hydrogen in Europe — generated only with renewable sources such as wind or solar — as a key pillar for decarbonising our heavy industry, energy and transport sectors.

What is EGHAC?

EIT InnoEnergy is committed to developing a green hydrogen economy in Europe and has launched the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Centre (EGHAC) with the world’s top tech and business leaders to speed the transition to a clean energy future. It is an unprecedented effort to support the development of an annual €100 billion green hydrogen economy by 2025, which could create half a million direct and indirect jobs across the green hydrogen value chain.

The EGHAC is all about the large industrial projects in a few designated value chains; green cement, heavy road transport, transport over water, including inland waterways, green hydrogen as a feedstock for fuels and fertilizer, and green steel. These projects will kick start the uptake of green hydrogen and can be replicated across Europe to increase the impact on greenhouse gas reduction and the creation of jobs.

The European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC) is operated by EIT InnoEnergy and supported by Breakthrough Energy.

Why is Breakthrough Energy supporting EGHAC’s efforts?

Breakthrough Energy is a network of entities and initiatives — including investment funds, nonprofit and philanthropic programs, and policy efforts — committed to scaling the technologies we need to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Breakthrough believes that EGHAC is well-positioned to help Europe transition from an MW-size project-by-project approach to a portfolio of GW-scale projects that are key to closing the price gap between carbon-emitting technologies and green hydrogen. EGHAC is designed to accelerate the speed of delivery from mega- to gigawatts by creating a pipeline of pioneering large-scale projects and launching a new generation of public-private partnerships.

What are the workstreams of the EGHAC?

The EGHAC will manage several workstreams, including:

  • promotion and co-creation of industrial projects across the value chain,
  • building connections with other industrial and energy value chains,
  • acceleration of technology development,
  • stimulation of market growth,
  • societal acceptance,
  • addressing the skills gaps.
EIT InnoEnergy Annual Review 2020

What is the Scope?

Kickstart the creation:

The EGHAC will initiate and support large-scale industrial green hydrogen projects which will have a massive CO2 reduction impact, kickstart the creation of a green hydrogen economy and create jobs. These projects are always considered from a value chain perspective and explicitly include the “off-takers” (end customers).

Support for start-ups and innovation projects:

Next to large-scale industrial projects, the EGHAC supports further developments of green hydrogen-related technology. Start-ups and innovation projects can get support via the regular EIT InnoEnergy processes and support programs.

  • Startups can apply for EIT InnoEnergy Highway Program here.
  • Innovation projects and consortia can get support via the EIT InnoEnergy Investment Round. Learn more here.
  • If a company or consortium has a plan for large-scale production and utilization of green hydrogen they can participate in the EGHAC Business Investment Platform (BIP). Learn more here.

If you are interested in green hydrogen and decarbonization, you can join The Business Booster by EIT InnoEnergy on November 3–4, 2021.

At TBB, you will hear from expert speakers, witness live panel debates, join in interactive sessions — and discover over 150 cutting-edge sustainable energy technologies.

For registration and more information visit the TBB website here.

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