Up and Running with Ekiden

Today is the beta launch of Ekiden, a new coaching service for every athlete. This company is a culmination of my personal and professional interest in helping people lead healthier lives and achieve their fitness goals by making working out fun, social, data-driven, and dare I say beautiful.

I grew up playing sports, and really fell in love with track and cross country in college. Since 2009, I’ve had the fortune to work at health and fitness technology companies Strava and Fitbit, helping people enjoy the process of leading healthier and happier lives with guidance, social interactions, and data tracking. But there was always one thing missing — the one-on-one coaching experience. Personally, I have a family and a job and not a lot of time or money for a personal trainer or coach. Many others fall in this camp.

I’ve always believed in teaching, mentorship, and coaching. Any athlete in pursuit of their goals, whatever those goals may be, deserves help in the form of knowledge and motivation. I believe that a great coach can make the process of achieving your athletic goals more fun and rewarding.

Ekiden connects experienced coaches with inspired athletes to provide a modern virtual coaching experience.

Over the years I’ve trained with a Division I coach and run PRs. I’ve trained for ultramarathons and made life-long friends. I’ve coached my wife to run marathons after giving birth to our children. I’ve gotten up at 4:30 am to train for my new goals, with guidance from Ekiden’s Founding Coach, Mario Fraioli. Ekiden is the coach that is there for you.

Check Ekiden out and let us know what you think!

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