Joey Bishop and The Jackson 5.

Life Lessons From An Entertainer

By Shaktida at Ekko

The entire world, at every imaginable realm, is a happy place. But sometimes, it becomes difficult for people to see it that way mainly because everyone likes to focus on what they don’t have instead of what they do.

Trying to entertain people in a world like this is a tough task. You cannot make someone laugh unless you really have said or done something that has triggered their funny bone. You cannot make people sit and watch what you do or say things to entertain them unless you really do entertain them.

Entertainment is an art and the entertainer, an artist who, by his words and actions as the sole channel of amusement, makes an effort to bring smiles on some sulky solemn faces all wearied out by the chores of the day.

One such entertainer was Joey Bishop, a man who made the world a better place to be in by giving people a daily dose of happiness through his shows.

There are some remarkable life lessons that we can pick up from how he began his career as an entertainer and how he came to be as renowned and celebrated as he is.

1. Where you come from has nothing to do with where you can go in life.

Many people tend to cast themselves in a make belief mould and hence, limiting the horizons that they can attain in their lives. The only secret to making it big is keep moving forward. The truth is that you have to try because you won’t know unless you do.

Joey Bishop was born in a lower middle class family on February 3, 1918 in The Bronx. His father was a bicycle repair man and he had four other siblings. He was the youngest child of the Bishop family. Joey Bishop had to face a lot of hardships during his childhood. But that only motivated him further to go out, explore himself and his talents and make something out of it.

2. Sorrow and disappointment are a part of life, not the entire life.

It is important for people to sit back and think through their perspectives of life. Life is as happy and as sad as you make it. Focusing on the sad part will only pull you back and that is no good.

Joey Bishop married Sylvia Ruzga in 1941. He shared a content married life with her until she died in 1999 due to lung cancer. Though the personal loss was irrevocable, Joey Bishop continued to bring smiles on the faces of the people until he died.

3. It’s not always important to know beforehand what you want to do with your life unless you keep working towards trying to discover it.

Many people think that since they haven’t had a goal or an ambition since they were like 4 years old, they won’t be able to actually accomplish much in their lives. This is never the case. You’re not born knowing what to become when you grow up, you work towards it.

Joey Bishop came from a modest family. He did not know that he wanted to become a full time entertainer and adopt it as his career unless he tried his hand in it.

4. Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.

This is perhaps one of the most important life lessons that Joey Bishop has taught us through his choices in life. No matter what you do, as long you have your heart set on it and you know you want to do it, just go ahead. The society and its standards can be quite nasty when it comes to giving you a green signal. But what the heck! Who needs a green signal from it, anyways?

Joey Bishop began his career in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian back in the 1930’s when the world was at an unstable place at many levels, economic, political, social etc. Entertainment as a career was quite an offbeat choice and involved much more struggles than it does now. He never backed out.

5. Most important things in life have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Perseverance is the key to success. Joey Bishop did not become an outright success in the industry. He tried his hand anywhere and everywhere he deemed fit. He regularly appeared on Jack Paar’s The Tonight Show from 1958 to 1962. This helped him in gaining a wide exposure and a large number of audiences. During the 1950s he also became friends with Frank Sinatra. This friendship resulted into him becoming a part of the Rat Pack that consisted of Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin prior to his entry. He became the comedian of the group.

6. If you keep working towards what you want, you’ll eventually get it.

Joey Bishop with his stint in the Rat Pack and The Tonight Show became an extremely popular figure. He starred in The Joey Bishop Show (1961–65), a television sitcom, and hosted his own late-night talk show, also called The Joey Bishop Show (1967–69), complete with a sidekick, TV newcomer Regis Philbin. He gave appearances in movies like “The Naked and The Dead”, Pepe, A Guide for a Married Man and Johnny Cool.

Joey Bishop died on this day in October 17, 2007 but before he died he made sure that he had created a legacy with his shows, his comedy and his entertainment. Though he died, he continues to live amongst us, through his work.

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