What made Truffaut unique and successful in his career as a film critic was his ability to express himself.

The Elements of Victory in Life

By Shaktida at Ekko

To be a successful person in life and seize the day you don’t necessarily need to win a Nobel peace prize or a booker award or become the president. All you need to do is wake up every day with rejuvenated enthusiasm and revived spirit to achieve what you set out to achieve that day.

What you need in order to live a happy life is to draw inspiration from the lives of some great men who came to be known to the world not because they aspired to be famous but because they were exclusive, they had a vision, a voice and the determination to make things happen and be in charge of their life rather than be a puppet of time.

One such man was François Truffaut, who died on this day 1984, an adroit journalist, a talented film director and producer and a celebrated film critic. Despite being in an industry that is driven by stereotypes, Truffaut had an eccentric vision and didn’t let the typical clichéd standards hold him down. Here are a few lessons that we can learn from his life, lessons that constitute the elements of victory in life.

1. The journey of life is a bumpy ride but don’t let that sieve into you to mutate your individuality.

François Truffaut was born on February 6, 1932 in Paris. He never got to know who his biological father was and was given the surname of his step father. During his initial years he didn’t live with his parents. He was looked after by a nurse and then sent to live with his grandmother who died when he was just 8 years of age.

2. Nothing can ever be achieved without enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm liberates in you the appetite to keep moving forward when the time comes and get over any obstacles that may befall you.

Since his very childhood, Truffaut was very enthusiastic about watching movies. He was an ardent moviegoer who made sure to watch every movie that was released.

3. Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.

To err is human. Don’t worry if you have ever made any wrong choices in life and ended up in the wrong places due to them. What is important is to realize that they were wrong and then move ahead.

Truffaut dropped out of school during his teens and before he came into what he is known for he was on the wrong side of law for theft. Later on he was appointed by the military but was discharged on the grounds of being unwilling to serve in the armed forces.

4. We make choices, and then our choices make us.

The right choice is not always the easiest one. But you will only know if you make one. Have the drive in you to do what you love and what you feel is right for you.

After being discharged by the military Truffaut reverted back to his love for movies. He was eventually mentored by Andre Brazin, a very famous film critic. This experience gave an already opinionated man, a platform to express his ideas by writing them for a publication by the name of “Cahiers du Cinema”.

5. Stop listening to the noises made by the outside world and focus on your own voice, your own soul.

What made Truffaut unique and successful in his career as a film critic was his ability to express himself. He never held himself back because he thought that voicing a particular opinion would spell resistance from those who hear it. He honestly critiqued the rigid conventions of traditional French movies. He created the auteur theory of cinema and emphasized that the directors have their personal vision reflecting in the films they make rather than remaking the same thing in different ways.

This kind of outlook doesn’t just apply to you if you are a film critic or striving to be one. Irrespective of what you become and where you go in life you must always assert yourself by saying what you feel. Only when you say what you want do you actually end up having it.

6. Practice before you preach.

This is one immensely important saying that is especially valid in the today’s world. It is very easy to be the audience and comment on others but stepping inside their shoes and doing what they were doing just in the way you initially wanted them to do it is what the challenge is. Moreover, you can only gain respect when you know how to do what you say should be done.

Truffaut was the man of his words. Being a film critic he criticized the abilities of the directors to have an exclusive direction style. He went ahead to prove what he meant when he said that by directing films like Une Visite (1954) and Les Miston (1957) for which he received widespread recognition. His film 400 Blows (1959) won the Cannes Best Director Prize and a screenwriting Academy Award nomination. With films like these he came to be a part of his country’s New Wave movement of moviemaking.

7. Dare to be different.

The world is full of people and with everyone doing the same thing it’s difficult to stand out. Dare to be different from the stereotypes and do what you think is right because if you have an opinion that is different and unheard, the world deserves to know.

Truffaut was a new age moviemaker and an excellent film critic. He had a vision that male directors of those times were not known to have. He had the reputation of having an on screen sensitivity to women, children and relationships. Had he not dared to present his opinion to the world, we would never have known. It was these differences that earned him the fame he has. It was these differences that made his story ekko forever.

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