A Bit Rich

What was conveniently omitted by The Tele

Got to laugh. Last night we got interviewed on our doorstep by The Daily Telegraph. The article was about the large proportion of Green votes in our area. Murdoch’s neoconservative propaganda machine was never going to report what I actually said, so here it is for the record.

The article was titled:

Wealthy residents of Annandale’s Greens vote in NSW state election a bit rich

WEALTHY residents helped deliver two inner-city seats to the Greens in Saturday’s election, forging a bizarre link with their spliff-smoking hippy pals in the Greens’ northern NSW town of Nimbin.

In it I was quoted (correctly) as saying: “I know this was a local election but it was their big brothers that swayed my vote. There was a couple of things that I was extraordinarily unhappy about with Labor and the Liberal Party.”

And the couple of things that were conveniently omitted …

“I think that we should be treating refugees with compassion, not throwing them into gulags”; and,

“The Greens were the only ones who stood up against data retention”

I think the piece would have been more balanced with those two inclusions. It may have informed the public as to why many Annandale residents — who according to the article are predominantly managers and professionals — might not have voted Liberal.

Balance? Murdoch? That is a bit rich.


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