One of Eko Workflow’s features — hierarchy approvals

Eko Workflow

Adopting Eko platform helps companies of all sizes to create a smart, paperless office, automate various processes and improve your staff productivity. That’s possible via one of our features — Workflow, which consists of customizable e-Forms and e-Reports, e-Approvals, Hierarchy Approvals and Workflow Creator. Let’s see how it all works.

One-step Instant e-Forms and e-Reports

Sending and receiving e-Forms and e-Reports in Eko app is fast and convenient. Users can choose one of e-Forms your company created or use several default Eko e-Forms, such as Leave Request, Expense Request and other commonly used in organizations. Once form is sent — both, the Sender and Recipient, can track it’s content and status, or comment on it. Once e-Form or e-Report is approved, the Sender gets an instant notification.

Automated Workflows with Hierarchy Approvals — Reduce the Chaos!

As an admin, you can automate complicated processes creating custom permissions flows for your company. Workflows can have as many stages as you need, and forms and requests can go either to a specific person or be automatically assigned to “anyone from Department B”.

For example: let’s say you need to request a discount for a customer. You can simply choose the “request discount” form and send it off. It will then automatically follow a custom permissions flow — first, to a manager, who will approve, reject, or comment on it. Then, after the manager approves it, the form will automatically move on to the next step, the finance department.

Flexible Workflow Creator

With Eko’s flexible Workflow Creator in Admin Panel you can create any specific forms or customize approval stages for your workflows.

Simply pick form elements and drag and drop them to your new Workflow. You can choose from various questions types (short text, date, single and multiple choice, etc.) and select which questions should be required.

Workflow Overview

Workflow Video Overview

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