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Dec 5, 2019 · 3 min read

All your Ekoru.org searches are private and anonymous

Internet Privacy Is Becoming More Important To Users

Privacy on the Internet is in short supply these days. Whenever you go online, your personal data is collected by Google, Facebook, Twitter and a myriad of other companies you’ve never heard of.

Not at Ekoru.org though! We take proactive steps to protect your privacy. We can’t share or sell your data to third parties because we don’t keep it in the first place.

According To Pew Research Users Aren’t Confident About Their Privacy

Research from Pew shows that the overwhelming majority of users have concerns over how their data is collected and used by companies and the government. According to Wired Magazine, “American companies alone are estimated to have spent over $19 billion in 2018 acquiring and analyzing consumer data …”

ISPs track your online activity

A person’s Internet search history is like a window into their soul. What you search for online gives marketing and data collection companies a deep insight into who you are, what you like, and what you are interested in.

According to Business Insider, “When you use Google’s search function to learn about the world, Google is using your searches to learn about you.

Even your ISP is probably doing their best to track which websites you’re visiting in order to sell your data to third party data aggregators.

Right now these companies have access to a stream of a user’s browsing history . Telecommunications associations are explicitly arguing that ISPs need to be in a position to collect and monetize users’ data …
- Marshall Erwin, senior director of trust and security at Mozilla

At Ekoru.org we decided we want to provide a safe space on the Internet where users can arrive, search, and be forgotten. Every search is anonymous and no data about you is kept on our servers.

All of your requests to Ekoru.org are encrypted

All of the data that travels between your browser and Ekoru.org servers is encrypted to prevent third parties from prying into your personal life. Once your search is complete, zero data is retained on our servers.

So if cleaning the oceans and fighting climate change isn’t enough, consider that Ekoru.org is also a search engine that respects your privacy.

Take your privacy back today by visiting www.ekoru.org .

Ekoru, the environmentally friendly search engine


Ekoru — The search engine that cleans our oceans


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The good search engine which helps the planet.



Ekoru — The search engine that cleans our oceans

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