2019 roundup: it is all about Venture Caring

Jan 7 · 5 min read

To wrap up this incredible year, you’ll find below a quick look back over what an amazing, fruitful (and busy) year it has been at Elaia!

Since Elaia is a data-driven fund, here are a few KPIs to wrapup 2019!

📍14 new companies joined the Elaia family for a total of €23M

📍7 new teammates

📍 100+ external events attended as speaker

Enough about the numbers, we also put words on something very important for us: Venture Caring! And that’s not all, so without further ado, let’s dive back into 2019!

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In 2019, 14 new awesome companies joined the Elaia family!

1/ SeqOne • Nicolas, Guillaume & Jean-Marc invent the AI-based genomic analysis platform for next generation healthcare. 🇫🇷

2/ Cosmian • Sandrine, Raphael & Bruno leverage advanced cryptography & data-science to offer privacy-preserving data analysis. 🇫🇷

3/ Hyperlex • Alexandre & Alexis reinvent contract management and analysis using artificial intelligence. 🇫🇷

4/ Pili • Jérémie, Guillaume & Marie-Sarah have become leader in the production of biotech dyes. 🇫🇷

5/ Sim&Cure • Mathieu & Vincent optimize the choice of endovascular devices for the treatment of cerebral aneurysm. 🇫🇷

6/ Cien • Rob, Ben & Margot support sales leaders around the world get their teams to 100% quota. 🇪🇸🇺🇸

7/ Newsbridge • Philippe & Frédéric help broadcasters shorten their production process and value their content with better indexation. 🇫🇷

8/ PocketStudio • Jean-Colas has made a real-time 3D collaborative software solution to boost content creation. 🇫🇷

9/ Aqemia • Emmanuelle & Maximilien launched a groundbreaking molecule affinity solution for drug discovery. 🇫🇷

10/ Transaction Connect • Didier & Maxime turn any payment card into a loyalty card. 🇫🇷

11/ Heuritech • Tony, Charles & Charlotte are building the leading fashion analytics platform. 🇫🇷

& 3 more are still undisclosed! 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇫🇷

In 2019, we welcomed 7 new team members

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The Elaia team during our annual offsite

Please welcome:

  • Sacha Loiseau • Venture Partner • The hyper active Sacha is (just) the Founder and Chairman of Mauna Kea Technologies (IPO in 2011), Chairman of Therapixel, member of the Board of Directors of MDoloris Medical Systems and Vice President of MedTech in France.
  • David Sourdive • Venture Partner • The cofounder of Cellectis (French biopharmaceutical company listed on NasdaQ) will help our biotech portfolio companies grow.
  • Frédéric Hammel • Venture Partner • Based on over 25 years of industrial experience, he will work with Elaia’s portfolio deep tech companies.
  • Florian Denis • Investment Manager • Our Parisian biotech investor is working closely with Franck.
  • Haya Hanna • Associate • Our favorite research scholar in microfluidics at Harvard.
  • Amélie Juge • Analyst • Our youngest team member who previously worked for various VCs such as One Peak partners & Eurazeo.
  • Marie-Clotilde Loys • Financial Controller • Our new back-office hire! After being senior auditor in Asset Management at Deloitte, Marie-Clotilde joined us to help Emmanuel, our CFO.

We became a major actor in life science

Franck didn’t join Elaia alone. He came with 8 of his previous investments, amazing biotech startups focusing on finding new breakthroughs related to infectiology & microbiology. Considering that Elaia also invests in HealthTech (think of Sancare, Sim&Cure, Gleamer, SeqOne & Aqemia), this strategic move makes Elaia one of the most active life science investors in France!

VC = Venture Caring, striving for performance with values.

We’re incredibly fortunate to partner with amazing founders and their teams. We are honored to be part of your journey!

Caring is one of our cherrished values at Elaia. That’s why this past year, we have focused on bringing value to our portfolio entrepreneurs via C-Level diners, dedicated workshops, entrepreneur focused events, onboarding sessions and the unlimited availability of our team.

Because we make very early bets the value of our investment lies mostly in the people. The success of our partnership is to be close to them. We help build local companies with the ambition of growing and impacting at a global scale.

Success comes from the founders talent, vision and dedication — we are only an enabling agent. You can call anyone from our portfolio at any time for a reference — even those with whom it was more complicated. And if we partner together, you will become a reference too.

Your success is our success. We are as much your advisor and sparring partner as your shareholder and board member. Our complementary team of scientists, entrepreneurs and business-savvy people is hands-on and dedicated to your success.

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Some of our portfolio events (onboarding, C-Level dinners, workshops) and Office Hours

The entire Elaia team wishes you and our loved ones happy holidays and all the best for a shining 2020!

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