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Best practices to help prepare corporations and employees for the future of quantum computing — learning from our portfolio company, Alice & Bob.

Photo Credit: Alice & Bob

But first, what is quantum computing?

Can quantum computers overcome present day challenges?

These tips and best practices are based on a round table with Alice & Bob and several industry leaders.

Photo Credit: Alice & Bob
  • Learn about quantum computing first independently. Take time to educate yourself so that you’re able to pick the right provider for future use.
  • Begin to integrate this knowledge at every level and across departments. Senior managers and employees should be properly onboarded and convinced of this coming change in order to avoid future problems.
  • Consider creating an internal taskforce (we’ll get back to this in the next section) or working with external consultants that will help show everyone how quantum computing works, what the benefits and risks are and how it might impact your industry.
  • Consider rolling out an internal team but keep in mind that this is long term, and you’ll need to invest in this over a few years before seeing any return.
  • Understand that this will be truly disruptive, so the guidelines will change and evolve as we know more about quantum computers. New information will come up regularly as we learn more about how we can optimize quantum computing for company use.
Photo Credit: Alice &Bob
  • Explore at what point you can have an internal team. Is it feasible? Do the right talents and resources exist in your region or country and is it relatively affordable to begin building this team. A great way to start can be to partner with academic research institutions.
  • Educate your existing team. It’s important to educate and train your team to prepare for the quantum advantage. You need to be ready and work with skilled people, so you can start early and learn the fundamentals and algorithms.
  • Assess the value chain of the company. See where the use case can be best applied, then see what the impact could be. Finally, create a roadmap to show what you’ll have and when and where it’ll be applied.
  • Keep in mind that it’s unlikely that you’ll find experts with decades of experience except in research labs. These future experts are in academic institutions now and that’s likely where you’ll have to look to hire guidance for your company or team.

Elaia’s perspective on quantum computing

Final thoughts on how to prepare for the future of quantum computers



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