[EN] Elaia Partners exits Orchestra Networks as it is acquired by TIBCO software

​At Elaia Partners, we are delighted to share the good news : TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in integration, API management, and analytics, today announced that it has acquired Orchestra Networks, a recognized leader of master data management (MDM) solutions and pioneer in data asset management.

Elaia Partners will have remained the only professional investor alongside the four founders of Orchestra Networks. Since our investment, Orchestra Networks has expanded out of France to many other geographies such as the US, Germany and England for example and they have become the global leader in multi-domain MDM and recognized as such by analysts.

This is a very important acquisition for us, supporting our mission to create the world’s leading platform for digital business. Orchestra Networks will allow TIBCO to address our customers’ simple and complex master data and data asset management needs quickly and easily,” said Matt Quinn, chief operating officer, TIBCO. « Orchestra Networks brings an exceptional team that, with TIBCO, will continue to support their customers and partners.”

“Strengthened by TIBCO, EBX will provide shared data assets for integration and analytics to empower better decisions and faster, smarter actions” said Christophe Barriolade, co-founder and chief executive officer, Orchestra Networks. “TIBCO will help Orchestra Networks to market and support its leading data asset management software on a larger, more global scale while offering complementary API-led integration and AI-driven analytics capabilities to our customers.”

Christophe Barriolade, CEO of Orchestra Networks, says:”We chose Elaia Partners because very early on, they believed in our technological vision and during the ten years they spent with us, we were able to greatly appreciate their commitment and the relevance of their support. “

Philippe Gire, Partner at Elaia Partners, adds: “The development of Orchestra Networks has been spectacular and we are delighted by this investment which leads Orchestra Networks to join a first-in-class platform for a new phase of growth and allows our fund to make a multiple of over ten times the amount invested.”

Congrats to the Orchestra Network team! #ElaiaFamily

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