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[EN] Acorus Networks: 13 reasons why

By Alexis Frentz

I’d like to thank the hacker who made this deal possible. By attacking Scoop.it in April 2014, he/she enabled Marc Rougier to meet the Acorus Networks — very early — and now invest with Elaia Partners.

That week-end, the Scoop.it website was under one of the biggest distributed denial-of-service — also referred to as DDoS — attacks of its time.

DDoS? What lies behind this barbaric acronym?

Imagine you want to take the metro at peak hour on a rainy day along with countless people going to work — just like you. The metro station is so crowded that you can’t even access the platform. Naturally you give up and go by feet under the rain, raging against all these people. But now, imagine that 99.99% percent of the people in the metro are robots who aim at flooding the metro in order to prevent normal people to take it. That’s it, you’ve been denied the metro service, you have experienced what it feels like to try to reach a website under a DDoS attack!

On a more technical aspect, DDoS stands for Distributed Denial-of-Service. A Denial of service attack consists in a cyber-attack where the hacker overfloods a network with useless requests, preventing normal requests to be fulfilled. Their goal is simple : degrade your service, ask for a ransom to stop their attack or just block your website to piss you off. Since single source denial-of-service attacks are easy to identify and block, DDoS attacks rely on countless sources acting as zombie bots, making it really hard for the defender to sort the clear from the polluted traffic. Often the solution is to block the traffic, wait for the end of the attack and pray not to be attacked again. Obviously, the best solution is to filter proactively the traffic before the attack with the ability to absorb a high peak during special occasions (Black Friday for e-commerce websites for example).

Let’s get back to the Scoop.it DDoS attack

Scoop.it (acquired by Linkfluence in 2018) decided not to wait and instead, Stephane Gault, Head of Ops at Scoop.it, called his cybersecurity expert friends Raphael Maunier and Benjamin Schilz, Acorus Networks’ co-founders. After a couple of short nights, they succeeded in stopping the attack. This attack could have happened to any company in the world: the trend is constantly increasing.

An increasing problem

With 4000 attacks every single day worldwide, DDoS is a fast growing pain that threatens every internet-facing business or service. Like all cyber attacks, DDoS are getting more and more complex, powerful and harmful. And worse, it’s getting even easier to do. There are now “DDoS-as-a-Service” websites where you can purchase $5 attacks with bitcoins and raid your opponent. The damages can be pretty serious:

- Severe impact on e-commerce, resulting in substantial revenue loss,

- Inflated IT costs,

- Damage to your online reputation.

A fast-growing market

The whole cybersecurity market is growing and within it, the DDoS protection market is one of the fastest segment, estimated to grow at 16% annually to reach $4.3Bn in 2023. Many companies started to tackle the DDoS issue, with more and more sophisticated products, mixing hardware and software. Most of them are based in the US, and so far no European leader have emerged.

An complementary founding team with an outstanding reputation

The cofounders of Acorus Networks, Raphael, Benjamin and Olivier are amongst the few people you feel that you can trust by the end of the first meeting. During our due diligence, all references confirmed our excellent impression on both the team and their expertise.

To sum it up, here are the 13 reasons why we decided to back Acorus Networks Networks:

  1. The best team in DDoS,
  2. Who perfectly master their topic,
  3. Who have impressive technical skills,
  4. With a strong proven reputation
  5. Who has developed a field-proven, high performance, scalable product,
  6. Who have successfully grown their startup with limited resources so far,
  7. Who know their strengths and weaknesses,
  8. Who have a long term ambitious vision,
  9. With high technological barriers,
  10. Solving an unfortunately huge, global, lasting pain,
  11. As testified by several tier-1 customers already happily using their solution
  12. Within a billions dollars market
  13. cf. reason 1)

We are really proud and excited to be part of this ventures along side this awesome team; and quite certain the above list could be much longer.

Want to learn about Acorus Networks Networks, check their website!



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