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[EN] OpenIO Raises $5 million to Revolutionize the Data Storage Landscape with Object Storage and Serverless Computing

The company already proved the value of its technology with several multi-petabyte installations around the world, and is now looking head to its next phase of growth.

OpenIO, an innovator in object storage and serverless computing, today announced a $5 million founding round led by Elaia Partners, Partech Ventures, and Nord France Amorçage.

OpenIO offers an innovative architecture for building object storage infrastructures that are easy to deploy and scale over time. Its event-driven computing framework allows businesses to optimize data access and simplify complex workloads by offloading some tasks directly to the storage infrastructure.

OpenIO will use the new funding to expand its team, consolidate the EMEA market, and develop new markets in the USA and Japan.

OpenIO was founded by a small team of experts, engineers, and former intrapreneurs at Worldline, a €1.5 billion Atos company. Led by Laurent Denel and Jean-François Smigielski, (now respectively CEO and CTO at OpenIO), the team set out to solve the problems of massive storage infrastructures more than ten years ago. They developed innovative ideas to deal with real-world problems, and OpenIO’s software is the culmination of their research and design. They have successfully completed projects with petabytes scale production platforms and managing hundreds of billions of objects.

In recent years, OpenIO has built on those successes, adding innovative features to SDS, its open-source object store. At the same time, it has developed a new serverless computing framework which is gaining traction among customers and opening new markets, including big data, IoT, and machine learning applications.

According to IDG, by 2022, 93% of all data in the digital universe will be unstructured. With this unprecedented data growth, the scalability, flexibility and lightweight design of a solution like OpenIO will make a difference in building sustainable large-scale storage and compute infrastructures.

Huge amounts of data are produced and consumed every day, and the IT industry is experiencing a major revolution“ said Laurent Denel, CEO and co-founder of OpenIO, “Big data, IoT and machine learning applications are driving this transformation. At OpenIO, as we have solved the storage problem of massive amounts of data, and while much of the industry focuses on lower $/GB, we help businesses to create more value from their data.”

The exponential growth of edge computing and new data-driven applications is forcing the industry to rethink infrastructure in general and software defined storage solutions in particular,” said Reza Malekzadeh, General Partner at Partech Ventures, “OpenIO has the vision, the technology and the right team to address these new need.s

The world most valuable resource is now data. We were very impressed by OpenIO’s team and product: their breakthrough, field-proven technology in Software Defined Storage is today’s most scalable, easy to use, and cost effective data storage solution for the data-driven enterprises“, added Marc Rougier, Partner at Elaia.

“We were attracted by the quality of OpenIO’s solution, but also by the creativity of the entire team,” said Johan Cnossen, Principal at Siparex. “We can see that OpenIO is thinking about the future of data storage, and that the company is at the leading edge in this area.”

OpenIO is just at the beginning of a data storage revolution. Building on its existing technologies, the company will go further and enhance the way data is stored, processed, and more importantly used.

About OpenIO

OpenIO brings the future of object storage to businesses of all sizes today. It offers the most flexible and versatile solution to solve the scale-out challenges businesses face, from 1TB to thousands of Petabytes. This open-source solution provides a new way to build backend services for applications, allowing companies to combine storage with integrated data processing on a single platform.

OpenIO, next generation object storage and serverless computing. Find out more at http://www.openio.io, and follow @openio on Twitter.

Originally published on October 24, 2017.



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