“I was enjoying the awkwardness. so. much.”

Tig Notaro — Boyish Girl Interrupted

I love this special. (Watch it here)

Tig has a gift for building relationship with an audience. Her pacing invites you into her world to witness life alongside her, through her lens. She recreates to very specific moments from her experience, and then details them in a way where her inner dialogue becomes your own. So, when you laugh, you’re right there with her, sharing in the experience.

“calls me/to tell me/that the venue/called him/to say/that they thought/it was/weird.”

Her personality is highly observant, yet distractibly playful. Her material is somewhat cerebral yet still personally engaging, and completely relatable. She approaches absurdity gradually, letting the full impact of the bit set in. Then, after the moment lands, she stretches it out, prolonging the ephemeral.

She is playful with the audience, and flirts with them a little too. She laughs at herself and then shares with you like you’re a friend she trusts, and just wants to talk to.

“Do not tempt me.”

I realize I haven’t said anything about the actual set itself. The reason for that is because I really view this special a work of art and I think it should be experienced as a whole. It’s layered and cohesive….in one word: exceptional. Oh, and she’s just a person.

(Note: If you haven’t heard anything from Tig start with her LIVE set)

“I know.”