Elarium Keycards are coming to the Uniq Marketplace on Sep 21st 2022

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2 min readSep 15, 2022

On September 21st we’re releasing our limited supply of Elarium Keycards exclusively on Ultra’s Uniq Marketplace!

These Uniqs will grant you early access to Elarium and a number of extra rewards and perks which will be rolled out over time as part of the launch of Elarium. This is a chance to not only be among the first players in Elarium, but to also get one of the first Humans minted on the Ultra blockchain.

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Elarium Keycards

Each Elarium Keycard grants you early access to the game and an exclusive in-game icon. Depending on the Keycard rarity it will also gift you an additional Weapon Cache and Gear Kit containing random drops of character skins, weapons, weapon skins and attachments in the game upon its launch.

The higher the rarity of the Keycard, the better quality of the Caches and Kits.

And last but not least, each holder of a Uniq Keycard will be eligible to claim (for free) an Elarium Human on the Ultra blockchain once this functionality is rolled out.

Elarium Keycard Utilities:

  • Early Alpha Access
  • In game icon
  • Weapon Cache: Weapons, weapon skins and weapon attachments
  • Gear Kit: Character skins
  • Claim a free Elarium Human on the Ultra blockchain

The Ultra Legendary Keycard will also grant its holders early access to Ultra Exclusive games.

You can learn more about the Weapon Caches and Gear Kits in our Litepaper.

Additionally, when you are able to claim your Human on Ultra, you will as a holder get access to even more utilities:

  • Earn $ELAR in-game
  • NFT Staking Pool to earn passive rewards in $ELAR
  • Skins visible on the NFT are claimable by the holder upon game launch
  • Private holder access on Discord

Remember, you won’t be able to get your hands on this exclusive collection anywhere else than on the Uniq Marketplace!

Read more about our Uniqs in Ultra’s article here: https://medium.com/ultra-io/elarium-to-drop-exclusive-collection-on-ultras-uniq-marketplace-3162d8d756c9

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