Elarium Project Recap 2022/10/20

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3 min readOct 20, 2022

Here’s your summary of the last months happenings in Elarium. If you follow us on other socials you’ll already be familiar with most (if not all) updates we’re discussing here in this article :^).

Keycards on Uniq Marketplace Sold Out!

We were stunned to find out that the Elarium Keycards were sold out in merely 7 minutes back in September. Congratulations if you were able to mint one, and thank you if you did!

In case you didn’t know, Elarium Keycards was the first gif-only collection on the Uniq Marketplace and we’re super excited to roll out its many perks over the coming months!

You can still get your hands on an Elarium Keycard via the secondary market. You’ll find them on the Uniq Marketplace.

An Elarium keycard on the Uniq Marketplace

Gameplay Teaser

Right before Keycards mint we dropped the first gameplay teaser on Twitter and YouTube!

Here it is again in case you missed it:

Elarium — Game teaser

We’re now looking forward to dropping extensive gameplay and insights into mechanics and features of the Elarium FPS game. If you’re a holder of the Humans and have claimed your Origin Holder rank in our Discord server, you already have access to the exclusive area where we’ve shared some of the gameplay scenes. Make sure to check that out as well!

New Partnerships

The forging of strong partnerships never stops and we were delighted to announce our partnership with Kapital DAO in September. Kapital DAO is both a service provider for web3 communities and a gaming community and we look forward to bridging web3 gaming to the next level together!

Kapital DAO x Elarium

There are more partnerships to be announced which we’re absolutely thrilled to inform you about soon. Over the course of the last months we’ve been in talks with respected builders in the Web3 sphere and formed new relationships on a strategic level that’ll benefit both our and their communities over the long run.

More Behind the Scenes

If you’d like to see the making of a Zoff shotgun we’ve got you covered. In the latest BTS you’ll witness the process of optimizing a weapon and making it ready for the game. More behind the scenes inbound, stay tuned!

Behind the scenes: Making a Game Ready Zoff Shotgun

More work in progress

Speaking of behind the scenes: the other day we retired our Sneak Peeks section and repurposed it to Work in Progress (WiP) in our Discord server.

Work in progress: Elarium Mineral chamber

This channel is available to every member, not just NFT holders. With this channel we want to give everyone in the community more insights into what we’re building and how it may look like both in an early and final stage.

Much of our WiP content also gets shared on Twitter and Telegram, make sure you’re following us to get the latest work in progress for Elarium delivered to your feeds!

More gaming is in the works and will be deployed as fast as possible. Thanks for tagging along and don’t miss our latest contest in Discord going on for the remainder of October!!!

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