How create singin form in billboard framework

Hi everyone
To create a blog card, just connect the billboard library to the web page first (CDN or Local) And then create your blog post box using the code below.

You can find files and CDN billboard framework in following link.

We have used Font Awesome icons in this form which you can link to your web page from the link below.

<div class="brow">
<div class="bcol-2-5 auto-bcol">
<div class="bsignin-form-ex">
<div class="avatar-ex"></div>
<span class="input-icon"><i class="far fa-user-circle"></i></span><input class="input-semi-radius" type="email" placeholder="Email"></span>
<span class="input-icon"> <i class="fas fa-lock"></i></span><input class="input-semi-radius" type="password" placeholder="Password">
<span class="input-icon icon-light"><i class="fas fa-sign-in-alt"></i></span><input class="input-semi-radius" type="submit">


Amir Mahmoud Mirzargar

Written by

Founder & developer billboard framework , CEO


A free HTML, CSS , JS framework

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