Pride Rock and Humility

July 30, 2018

This week was pretty slow. Lots of meetings and other fun planning stuff, and transfer calls came in! Everyone but one person in the zone is staying the same, so it’s going to be a fun 6 weeks together again!

I don’t have a ton of time to email, and if I did there’s still not too much to talk about anyways, but here’s a quick rundown of the week:

We used a spinny wheel (like a tiny wheel of fortune) on campus to draw people in and it worked super well. Every college kid sees a spinny wheel and they are drawn to it like a magnet.
For FHE we played disc golf.
Friday was splurge day so we ate so much junk food. My companion is trying to avoid greasy fast food and sugar so it’s been a struggle to find things to eat. We only get one splurge day per transfer yikes.
It’s been hot this past week. In the 100s and humid.
All of our appointments this week fell through. So this week is going to be at least 400% better than last.

I’ve been focusing a lot on Christlike attributes lately, and it’s really amazing to get to study them and try my best to live them. It really is a challenge to be just like Christ! Sometimes I think as members of the church, we take it for granted how He was perfect in everything. Surely He had temptations and I’m sure no part of his life was easy, but He did it anyways.

I have specifically been focusing on humility recently, and it’s shocking how quickly Heavenly Father will answer our prayers if we ask to be humbled. It’s basically like asking for more trials is what I’ve discovered. But through these learning experiences I’ve gained so much respect for my Savior and I hope that it has helped humble me.

I love this gospel, I love being a missionary, I love our Savior. Have a great week!

Elder Molen

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