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Nationwide Election Fraud Is Weaponized To Trick Dems Into Voting For Candidate With Dementia

Rank-and-file Democrats are desperate to pick the star candidate who can defeat Donald Trump in November. Over the past two weeks, a blatant manipulation of events has catapulted Biden into the lead, thanks in part to the media convincing many Dems to believe Bernie is un-electable (despite consistent polling to the contrary), and that Biden is the stronger candidate. Even though nationwide polls reveal that a majority of Americans support Bernie’s Medicare for All, electability is their top priority.

The Hill’s Rising - Video: Saagar Enjeti: This Moment Is Why Biden Will Lose The Election

Election Fraud: The problem is that Biden is not electable because he has dementia, as we demonstrated here and here. The establishment knows he has cognitive issues but is hellbent on keeping Bernie out of the Oval Office. As in 2016, it appears there are no moral restraints on their schemes. In fact, there is an extremely high probability that electronic voting results are being flipped nationwide to favor Biden. (If you’re new to this topic, this video demonstrates how voting machines can easily be hacked.) Skewed results stacked for Biden are being weaponized to trick people into thinking he’s the most electable candidate. As he continues to sweep primaries (with highly dubious results that we examine below), he gains more endorsements and voters — due to a snowball effect.

2016: Yep, it’s déjà vu 2016. A quick primer for those who missed it, in the 2016 presidential primaries, election integrity experts noted drastic discrepancies between unadjusted exit polls and reported results in eleven primary states that exceeded the margin of error — only in Democtratic primaries — all favoring Hillary Clinton. Election integrity expert Richard Charnin calculated that the probability of that occurring was one in 77 billion. Clinton performed better in counties with paperless machines in all primary states. Berners complained so loudly that Edison Research cancelled exit polls in the final states. Voter suppression and voter roll purges also favored Clinton. A bombshell study released by Stanford University determined that election fraud “overwhelmingly benefited Hillary Clinton,” and Election Justice USA concluded that the above factors “likely cost Bernie Sanders the election.”

Terminology: To clarify terminology before reviewing the 2020 primaries, (1) exit polls are one of three indicators used by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to detect election fraud, but in paperless states with unverifiable results, election analysts have to rely on them. (2) Unadjusted exit polls are unaltered, original exit polls downloaded the moment statewide polls close. Shortly afterwards, exit polls are officially adjusted to match final reported results that, in many cases, come from voting machines without paper trails. This is why analysts base their findings on unadjusted exit polls.

2020: So here we go again this year. People who follow election integrity are hardly surprised. The Iowa Shadow app debacle was just a teaser for what was in store. Analyst Theodore de Macedo Soares is tracking massive nationwide discrepancies between unadjusted exit polls and reported results. His findings suggest that votes are being flipped — especially considering that all disparities go against Bernie. In fact, Charnin reports that “Sanders exit poll (EP) exceeded his reported share (RS) in 6 primaries for which we have exit poll data,” and he calculates the probability of fraud as follows: South Carolina 79.0%, Massachusetts 96.9%, New Hampshire 58.9%, Texas 99.7%, Vermont 98.9%, and California 99.6%. This averages to 86.8% probability of fraud across those six states.

Dementia: Any rational person will wonder how a man with dementia suddenly, out of nowhere, sky-rocketed to front-runner status. The answer lies in DNC insiders’ multi-tiered strategy to defeat Bernie, yet the main factor in Biden’s phoenix-like rise appears to be widespread flipping of votes, as summarized below.

Early States: DNC elites’ strategy all along was to see which, among a plethora of candidates, stood the best chance to beat Bernie. In the first two states, Buttigieg was their darling. He beat all Bernie opponents in Iowa caucuses where he had shady ties to the failed Shadow app. Other irregularities were also reported. We later learned Iowa Democrats had blocked Homeland Security from testing the app for security flaws. Then in the first primary state, New Hampshire, Soares reports that Buttigieg scored 12% above exit polls, while nearly all other candidates, including Bernie and Biden, scored below projected exit polls.

South Carolina: Buttigieg, however, remained unpopular among black and Latino voters, so DNC insiders dumped him to back Biden in South Carolina where black voters comprise 60% of the Democratic electorate. Soares documents Biden scoring 8.3% above unadjusted exit polls there, while all other candidates scored well below. In both New Hampshire and South Carolina, Soares found that “the disparities exceed the exit poll’s margin of error,” suggesting votes were switched.

Hackable Machines: In regards to South Carolina’s voting machines, Tim Canova, a law professor who ran for Congress twice against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, reports:

It was .... reported that Biden outperformed the exit polls in yesterday’s . . . primary, which uses electronic scanning machines they bought from Election Systems & Software (ES&S) for $51 million. We already know from our 2018 election . . . how easy it is to rig the software of these electronic voting machines — either by hacking in remotely or by an insider manipulating the source code.

South Carolina also used new ExpressVote machines supplied by ES&S, the largest and most shadowy company in the highly concentrated voting machine industry. ES&S is owned by an Omaha, Nebraska-based private equity fund, of which we know little about.

We have already received reports from a leading election expert in South Carolina that perhaps 10% of these ExpressVote machines failed in yesterday’s primary. We’ve learned from our rigged elections in South Florida that we cannot trust any electronic voting machines manufactured by ES&S …

Super Tuesday: Three days after South Carolina, Super Tuesday primaries took place. Ralph Lopez describes wildly divergent exit pollsin his excellent review of election fraud red-flags. Soares reports that Sanders won Massachusetts’ exit poll but lost in the unverifiable computer count, and in Vermont, California and Texas, disparities also suggest grand theft of votes from Sanders. In addition, voter suppression occurred in precincts likely to favor Bernie. Political comedian Lee Camp explains: “They were able to show that [Super Tuesday] exit polls are way off from the unobservable, unaccountable machine results. This is the same shit that happened in 2016.” While we await analysis for mini-Super Tuesday primaries, irregularities have been reported.

Snowball Effect: These rigged results are creating catastrophic consequences. Due to the electability factor, fraudulent landslides in early states have affected voters’ choices in subsequent primaries. This impact continues to snowball. By the same token, falsified results help gain endorsements, which win more votes. To recap, the handlers overseeing this criminal endeavor are weaponizing fake results to sway voters.

That’s why South Carolina’s election results were throttled to give Biden a landslide victory which inflated his delegate count. That performance, in turn, influenced Super Tuesday voters three days later. Case in point, right after South Carolina, Biden’s popularity soared in polls by eleven points while Bernie dropped five points—even before Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropped out to endorse Biden, as Saagar Enjeti of The Hill’s Rising reported. At this point, the only way to fix the harm already caused by election fraud would be to start the primaries over.

Taboo: In short, Bernie is earmarked to lose just like in 2016. And just like then, he will not bring up this taboo issue. He even refused to support the DNC Fraud Lawsuit regarding the 2016 primaries. His campaign did request an Iowa recount but is unlikely to dare go out on a limb to bring up election fraud. That’s far too risky. (Click here to see why.)

OAS: On the other hand, Code Pink and Grayzone journalists are demanding that the Organization of American States (OAS) step in to monitor Democratic primaries in order to apply the same standard of scrutiny that the US imposes on other countries. You can check out their rationale and report here.

War On Berners: This nationwide election fraud is part of a psychological war aimed to destroy Bernie’s candidacy as well as his movement. It’s a war waged on many fronts, such as #BernieBlackout, #HidingBiden, backroom deals, and media smears against Bernie, Berners, and even Trump. This war’s most lethal weapon of all is election fraud, which is why the topic is treated as tin hat conspiracy theory. It is a brutally lethal weapon because rigged victories trick voters into supporting a man whose dementia disqualifies him.

Insurmountable: These ongoing primary losses have disheartened Bernie’s base, and DNC insiders hope our movement will fizzle and die. YouTuber Kyle Kulinski, who has a huge Berner fan base, emphasizes that we have to win really big so they cannot steal it from us again. Unfortunately, this thesis fails to take into consideration their number one weapon, election fraud, which is, by design, insurmountable.

War On “Moderate” Dems: This multi-pronged war is also aimed at socially engineered normie Dems whose sole frantic concern is to beat Trump. Yet short of colossal vote flipping in November, Biden is absolutely unelectable. Trump will crush him in debates, and his TV ads will attack his cognitive decline and corrupt record (e.g. his push for Iraq War, efforts to defund social security, history of lying, credit card company collusion, ties to Burisma, etc.). What tragic irony — Biden represents everything Dems are supposed to oppose.

Gaffelighting: “Liberal” media insists Biden’s fine — that we’re not doctors, that we don’t see and hear what we do. This year the DNC has woven its cloak of deception with invisible threads for all to see through. Unfortunately, most people refuse to see truth. I tried to get through to family. They quipped that I’m abusing Dems by spreading dementia disinfo, that only Biden can beat Trump, and we must unify the Party for that end. . . .

Tricked: Needless to say, Berners have been to this rodeo, but “moderate” Dems are in for an inevitable shock when they pull off their blinders and see that Biden is truly senile and they were tricked into throwing away their vote, not to mention they’re forgetting many Berners won’t vote for Joe (nor the person they may replace him with), period.

Their wake-up moment could arrive Sunday during the two-hour debate — unless, of course, the narrative managers cancel it, which sellout Jim Clyburn recommends. That’s no surprise: Biden did best in debates where he barely spoke, and he failed to deliver a seven-minute speech without major gaffes on Saturday after missing in action for days. When normie Dems observe his mental state, they’ll be outraged. This dirty war will backfire on the DNC. I hope it’s epic.

As shown above, US elections are a charade. While the elder abusers parade Joe across the national stage, they’re criminally robbing votes from Bernie to boost Biden. Sure they can steal our votes. But they cannot steal our movement. Poet/activist Aja Monet affirms: “Whether Sanders wins this election, he already won. He’s won the hearts of millions of people and he actually shifted the culture of this country and the narrative.” However, we cannot wait for Milwaukee. The damage is already done — let’s spread the news. Chris Hedges, of Truthdig, advises: “Change, real change, will only come by sustained acts of civil disobedience and mass mobilization . . . .”

It’s time, my fellow Americans, for us to don yellow vests and take action against election fraud and rigged primaries now.

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