Class Schedule

what to read/listen to and when

Illustration by Katty Huertas | Texas Monthly

KI101 S1E1, “What the Heck is Religion and What the Heck is this Podcast

KI101 S1E6, “You Might Be Done with Religion, but Religion Is Not Done with You”

KI101 S2E5, “Gender, sexuality and religion in what’s now the US

KI101 S2E5, “Race and religion in what’s now the US

Rana, “The Story of Islamophobia”

Johnson, “Black Religion, the Security State, and the Racialization of Islam

Chapter 5, I Am Not Your Negro (2016), in class
**CN for white supremacist language**

US Constitution, Article VI Clause 3 and the first amendment

KI101 SGS2: “Religious nationalism

Washington and Seixas correspondence (1790)

Smith, Rotolo, and Tevington, “45% of Americans Say U.S. Should Be a ‘Christian Nation’

Wenger, intro and conclusion to Religious Freedom

Sullivan, “The impossibility of religious freedom

Hurd, “Believing in religious freedom

Catch up on coursework and rest!

Wenger, “We are guaranteed freedom

Zitkála Šá, “Why I am a pagan

KI101 S4E4, “What are Indigenous religions? Part 2

Employment Division v. Smith (1990), oyez

RFRA (1993)

Sullivan, “The World That Smith Made

Wenger, “Why Religious Freedom Won’t Protect Native American Sacred Lands

Griswold v. Connecticut (1965), oyez

Loving v. Virginia (1968), oyez

Roe v. Wade (1973), oyez

The Janes (2022), screening in class

Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (2014), oyez and Ginsburg dissent

Goodwin, “Cost of Corporate Conscience

Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health (2022), oyez and Kagan dissent

Ruttenberg, “My Religion Makes Me Pro-abortion

Jalalzai, “Please stop using Islam to critique the abortion ban

Full Frontal, But God didn’t say that!

Goodwin, “Contraceptive nationalism

Goodwin, “Sex, religion, abuse

Imhoff, “Shofar blast

du Mez, “Braveheart

Lloyd, “QAnon shaman

Butler, “Hanging democracy on the gallows

Drake, “We represent blue lives

Choudry, “In the name above all names

(21 April) all work for this class due by 11:59pm



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Megan Goodwin

author of _Abusing Religion_, co-host of “Keeping It 101: A Killjoy’s Introduction to Religion Podcast,” and wikipedia-certified expert on (ugh) cults