House District 16: Greenspan hopes to take his financial skills to the Ohio Statehouse

By Alex Vicarel

Photo courtesy of the Greenspan campaign
“When I landed in Hopkins [International Airport] it was like landing in Siberia…” — Dave Greenspan on landing in Cleveland in February for the first time.

In an interview with “People in Politics” on the Metropolis Channel.

Republican Dave Greenspan has a wealth of experience and knowledge, making him a tough opponent in this upcoming election against his rookie opponent, Democrat Tommy Greene. Both are running to replace Nan Baker in the District 16 seat in the Ohio House of Representatives.

As an accountant with his own consulting business, Greenspan has a strong finance background. He uses these skills in his part-time career as an elected member of Cuyahoga County Council, while still holding down a full-time job. Perhaps most compelling to the District 16 electorate is the six years he has spent representing the same area on County Council.

In an interview with “People in Politics” on the Metropolis Channel on Youtube, Greenspan talks about his extensive background. He is originally from New Jersey but lived in the South for 30 years. While living in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Greenspan was on City Council and helped the town to become a city. In the interview, he also talks about his history before politics, from being a student senator during his time at Troy University to graduating with a degree in accounting and getting jobs in finance before adding politics. Greenspan mentioned in the interview that he is married with three children. The reason he came to Cleveland in the first place, he said, is because his wife was living here.

Greenspan tells the interviewer that the person who motivated him to get into politics was his grandmother. He quoted her saying something that really struck home with him: “Anyone can give money. Money’s important to causes,” she told him. “But to give up your time is more valuable.” It was with that quote in mind, Greenspan said, that he worked with his fraternity and became the regional financial advisor for the University of Miami and Georgia Tech on a volunteer basis, directly out of college. He works hard, to this day, he said, to give back to the community where he lives in any way he can.

According to Greenspan’s campaign website, he is currently living in Westlake and is CEO of Green Elk Consulting Services, LLC, as well as holding elected office on County Council, where he chairs the Finance & Budgeting Committee.

Greenspan is passionate about working towards ending the corruption in local government. As seen on his campaign website, Greenspan has sponsored and co-sponsored three legislative acts dealing with ethics and transparency in the government. Greenspan’s governmental achievements in Ohio alone are extensive. His website lists 31 government-related committees and organizations he has served on, ranging from Board of Controls to the Small Business Enterprise Grievance Hearing Board.

The website also says that Greenspan takes a strong stance on certain issues, including abortion. Greenspan is endorsed by organizations such as Pro-Life, the National Rifle Association, and the Cleveland American Veterans Association.

One of Greenspan’s aims, according to a article he coauthored with fellow County Council member Pernel Jones Jr., a Democrat, is to improve co-operation between Democrats and Republicans. In order to get a new perspective on the political climate in Cleveland, Greenspan and Jones swapped districts for a day. Jones went to the suburbs and Greenspan went to urban Cleveland. They wrote about the swap and how it resulted in their heightened ability to “better communicate, collaborate, and represent all in our county.”

According to Greenspan’s county re-election fact sheet from summer 2015, as the chair of the Cuyahoga County Finance & Budgeting Committee, he maintains “a watchful eye on the County’s budget.” He stressed in this issue that he not only is looking out for the county’s money but, also is instituting policies that ensure transparency throughout the government in order to restore the citizens trust in their county representatives.

Greenspan’s campaign website states that if he wins Nan Baker’s newly free spot in the Ohio House of Representatives, he will focus on keeping Ohio financially stable as well as working with educators to ensure that children are prepared for life after high school, whether it involves college, entering the workforce, or vocational training.

The website also states that Greenspan is going to work hard to close the “skill gap” within the region. When asked about this, Greenspan said Ohio needs to work on building a competent and qualified workforce. As well as making sure our workforce is qualified for the jobs, Greenspan said, Ohio needs to “work on closing and addressing the drug and addiction issue so that these employers can find employees that can, you know, pass drug screens and continuously pass drug screens,” he said.

“If we don’t address both those issues,” he said, “they’re going to look elsewhere to find employees.”

“…I kind of fell in love with it [Cleveland] in February and have almost been here ever since.”- Dave Greenspan on landing in Cleveland in February for the first time.

In an interview with “People in Politics” on the Metropolis Channel.