Electra & Aircoins: The Search for ECA Begins

Jul 1, 2018 · 2 min read
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The month of July is upon us and with it, comes more exciting news from the Electra team. As the Electra mass adoption movement continues, a new integration of ECA upon a unique platform has been announced. Electra is thrilled to reveal that ECA will now be incorporated upon the Aircoins augmented reality platform.

What is Aircoins?

Aircoins is a project that has set out to integrate the world of cryptocurrencies with the innovative realm of augmented reality (AR). The masses have already been introduced to the technological progress of AR through applications such as Pokémon Go, but Aircoins seeks to take it one step further by adding monetary value to the mix. Aircoins has embarked on a modern journey to involve us all in cryptocurrencies, AR, and gaming.

Aircoins introduced a mobile app which allows users to create an account, open the in-app camera, and begin collecting cryptocurrency! The Aircoins app allows you to go on a real-world treasure hunt, searching for cryptocurrencies supported by the Aircoins platform. Some of the cryptocurrencies which are supported include: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Diamond (DMD), Ruby (RUBY), Aircoins (AIR), and our favorite, Electra (ECA).

Aircoins states:

“Millions of coins have been dropped across the globe and more coins will be added as the system matures”

The Aircoins platform enables users to find coins, drop coins, and trade coins. The Aircoins model is the first of its kind, leading the progress of AR in combination with blockchain technology. Their model presents an easy to use app, allowing users to locate coins through GPS mapping and collect them with the tap of the screen.

With Electra available on the Aircoins platform, the most promising technologies of our time are merging together, providing fintech solutions at our fingertips and delivering a touch of entertainment to keep things interesting.

To download the Aircoins app, visit Google Play:

For more information about Aircoins, visit their website:

For more information about Electra, visit:

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Author: UnderTow

Image: ECA Link


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