Electra & SocialSend

June 22, 2018 marked the announcement of a new collaboration between Electra and SocialSend. While this year has proven to be bearish in nature, Electra has revealed new milestones and associations with several technological entities and projects, generating a positive outlook for ECA. SocialSend is the most recent of these ventures as the announcement reported that ECA will be integrated within the SocialSend platform. So, what is SocialSend?

SocialSend Project

SocialSend is a project which aims to unite cryptocurrency with social media platforms. The objective of their efforts — to send cryptocurrency payments through social media in an effortless fashion, merging the functions of blockchain technology with the ease of use presented by social media.

SocialSend states:

“Send payments as easy as sending a direct message — It is so easy the user may not even realize they are utilizing blockchain technology”

The best part about the SocialSend project is its determination to make the process of sending cryptocurrency over social media an effortless undertaking. Users are able to send coins to their friends and family members within their social networks without having the technical knowledge needed to send cryptocurrencies across a blockchain.

Why is Electra being integrated within the SocialSend platform?

Much like SocialSend, Electra has its own plans to implement a system of sending ECA across your favorite social media accounts. Electra SocialPay is one of the roadmap goals mentioned in the Electra White Paper and is currently under development by the Electra Team.

Electra White Paper describes:

“SocialPay by Electra is an automated application that enables individuals and organizations to leverage the power of social media. This is accomplished by initiating ECA transactions on a large scale, allowing content providers and organizations to send or receive ECA within their existing social media audiences.”

The SocialPay platform designed by Electra can perform the same function as SocialSend.

But, here’s the kicker:

Electra recognizes the benefit of having multiple alliances within the crypto sphere. Cryptocurrencies have been striving for recognition on a global scale ever since their inception back in 2009. Mass adoption is on the horizon but to make sure we get there, we need to utilize every advantage at our disposal. The alliance made with SocialSend will give Electra a competitive edge to reach more people and improve awareness.

Electra Tip Bots:

Electra already has systems in place that allow the transfer of ECA from one user to another: Tip Bots. Within our Electracoin Discord Server and Telegram Channel, our Tip Bots allow for several functions. For example, one prominent way of utilizing the Tip Bot is during a “rain” session within our Discord Server. Here members of the Electra Team, or any member, can rain upwards of a million ECA onto members within the channels.

After collecting the ECA rain, members can message the electratipbot for their current balance, showing them their spoils of the day. Users then have the option to either withdraw their balance into their own ECA wallets, rain their balance and give back to the community, tip other members for a job well done, donate to charitable causes, or simply leave their balance with the Tip Bot for another day.

Electra currently has several methods of transferring ECA between many different accounts. The integration of ECA upon the SocialSend platform is a strategic move to expedite mass adoption and to bring the Electra community the best outcome possible.

For more information regarding SocialSend, visit their main website: socialsend.io.

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