Best Electric Mountain Bikes

E-bikes are a fun, speedy, and enjoyable way to get around. As more and more people discover the joys of exercising with an e-bike, specific categories of e-bikes stand out. Electric beach cruisers are great for light travels and tourists, while racers are famous for being nimble and quick.

But the most rugged and durable type of e-bike is the electric mountain bike. Combining the rugged build and sporty look of a traditional mountain bike with a powerful motor and long-lived battery, the electric mountain bike is tough, capable, and in some cases, can even compete with a light-end moped as far as speed and ride quality.

What are the best electric mountain bikes out there? Check out a few top names and see which brands and models might work best for you.

Aostirmotor S18–1500W

The Aostirmotor S18 is a beautifully built, high-end electric mountain bike, which gives the rider a powerful and capable yet less expensive option to choose from. A 1500-watt brushless motor will provide you with the muscle and the strength you need for any journey. At $1,899, the S18 is a more affordable ride yet still boasts an impressive range, giving anywhere from 24 to 49 miles on a single charge, ensuring that the rider reaches their destination with battery power left over.

The Aostirmotor S18 also features a beautiful, natural-looking brown design, modeled after the patterns of an anaconda, perfect for woodsy areas and nature rides. With top speeds of 30 miles per hour and an advanced suspension system built into the rear wheel, the S18 can compete with a moped and give you a powerful and comfortable ride around town and the hiking trail.

Nakto Ranger E-bike

The Nakto Ranger is a nimble, economical electric mountain bike, coming in at $949. With a 36-watt motor and a lightweight, aerodynamic design, the Nakto Ranger is meant to be a speedy, nimble, lightweight, and practical mountain bike, perfect for commuters and urban riding.

It has a range of 22 to 28 miles on a single charge, with the longer ranges available to those who use pedaling and throttle. The bike features a five-level pedal assist range, and front fork suspension, making this e-bike both easy and comfortable to ride and handle. At 68 lbs, this bike is also relatively lightweight and is easier for an average rider to transport, pedal, and manage. Perfect for running errands and light backwoods riding, the Nakto Ranger is versatile, affordable, and user-friendly for running errands and light backwoods riding.

Rambo Rebel

Finally, we have the Rambo Rebel, a beautifully designed, modern electric mountain bike. At $5,199.99, the Rambo Rebel is a premium e-bike with an array of unique design features and a fantastic range. Th1500-watt high-torque motor will give you as many as 48 miles to a single charge and has top speeds of 28 miles per hour.

The custom-built aluminum frame is meant to hold up under any condition, take a beating, and last you for years. The unique, snake-skin-inspired silver camo design is meant to blend in beautifully with rocky terrain and tall grasses. The rugged, fat tires and solid frame make this e-bike ideal for outdoors people, ranchers, farmers, and hunters camping out in the backwoods. With a weight capacity of 300 lbs, the Rambo Rebel has room for you and some equipment. This is a genuinely well-built, beautiful, premium ride with the sportsman.


Whichever ride you choose, know that you’re getting a high-quality, durable, and capable machine meant to last and make your life more comfortable and your traveling simpler. These electric mountain bikes are genuinely well-made and robust objects of which any owner can be proud.

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