Crypto Market Map (H1 2020)

Ken Deeter
Electric Capital
Published in
Jun 25, 2020


Update: we’ve published the market map as an continuously updated Airtable database. See details here.

We’ve added over 200 projects and companies to our crypto and blockchain ecosystem market map since we first published it last year. The majority of the new entries fall into the Applications, Developer Infrastructure, and Financial Services categories.

Download PDF Version Here

This map is intended to be a resource for the community and will be continually updated. Please send us corrections, additions, or any other feedback at

Thanks to Linda Xie (@ljxie), Baek Kim (@baekkyoumkim), Dmitriy Berenzon (@dberenzon), Steve Lee (@moneyball), and Tom Schmidt (@tomhschmidt) for feedback and suggestions, as well as the many people who wrote in with suggestions and additions on the previous version.